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Arab Israeli Superpower Involvement

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Arab/Israeli Superpower's Involvement United States *Attempted to fill void that B and F had left in Middle East because influence in the region provided them with a source of trade and a producer of primary resources. *The Suez Canal was a key link to the Far East. *Clear by 1960s that US economy became dependant on oil. Therefore they invest heavily in Egypt, Jordan, Saudi, Iran. *Remain friends with Arabs to counter Hitler's need for oil. *Had significant and influential population (especially in New York and on Eastern seaboard). Significant as lobby group in US politics. Truman was accused of pandering to Jewish vote when US threw its support behind the formation of a Jewish state. *Also supported Jewish migration to Palestine, but long refused Jews to immigrate in significant numbers (Zenophobia). They were reluctant of Jews to US, but supported Zionism. ...read more.


*Supplies weapons to Saudi Arabia and Jordan. *In 1967 Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban went to USA to seek support, US Secretary of Defence Dean Rusk said "I don't think it's in our business to restrain anyone." *Always concerned about security and access to Suez Canal. Soviet Union *Dependence of the US on this region made it vulnerable and a prized sphere of influence. *Access to Suez Canal priority #1 for USSR (be E's friend). *Russia had traditional interests in the waterway between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. *Took opportunity to allow USSR Jewish population to emigrate. *Had historical connections with frontier Arab countries Turkey & Iran. Their strategic importance remained pivotal to the USSR *However they were wary of Arab developments of Soviet Republics because their population was largely Muslim. ...read more.


Both *Middle East's strategic position and oil producing capacity meant it could not escape realities of Cold War, and that it would inevitably reach the Middle East. *Lobbed in UN for Jewish state. *Suez Crisis broke out 1956, superpowers not directly involved, this was to be short-lived as early as 31 Oct 1956 and they presented resolutions to the Security Council, calling on I to recall from the Sinai. Both worked to stop fighting. Europe *Britain and France had significant interests in ME. Preserving their interests often brought them in conflict with local Arab populations. *British interests were threefold - strategy, oil, and prestige. *However the strains and devastation of WWII, and the growing public pressure sort to hand the issue of the ME to the UN. *Britain opposed Jewish migration. *In 1967 Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban toured France and Britain to seek support. F believed Arabs were bluffing & B said they could not help without support of the USA. ...read more.

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