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Assess the 1st New Deal and its effectiveness in resolving the problems Americafaced.

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Assess the 1st New Deal and its effectiveness in resolving the problems America faced. After taking up office in 1933 Roosevelt's main measure in combating the Great Depression was the implementation of the New Deal. The policies on the New Deal can be broadly spilt into three categories with simplicity, reform, recovery and relief. In each of these types of legislation a vast array of government bodies were established. The first act established the Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) which was designed to help American farmers by stabilizing prices and limiting over-production. It was thought that by doing this it would increase the proportion of the national income going to farmers. However, the success of this act was short lived as the Supreme Court declared the AAA unconstitutional and an unnecessary invasion of private property rights. ...read more.


The grand design of the New deal, namely the National Industry Recovery Administration (NIRA) was comprised of the Public Works Administration (PWA) and the National Recovery Administration (NRA). The NRA was destined to fall apart without, and independently of the fact that the Supreme Court declared it in violation of the constitution and therefore invalid. The NRA was established to stimulate production and competition by having American industries set up a series of codes designed to regulate prices, industrial output and general trade practices. The federal government in turn would agree to enforce these codes and federal officials promised to suspend anti trust legislation for two years. The NRA recognised the right of labour to organise and to have collective bargaining with management. ...read more.


Half the money was to be used for the direct relief among the states. This was to set an important precedent for the future governments giving direct funds for relief. Another organisation designed to aid relief was the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The CCC was a public works projects operated under the control of the army, which promoted environmental conservation while getting young, unemployed men of street corners. Men were paid $30 a month but $25 was to be sent home for their families. The purpose of the project was to teach young men a sense of responsibility and self respect. Even though the New Deal didn't manage to fully overcome the effects of the Depression, there is no doubt that its programs and act's changed the American society and government. ?? ?? ?? ?? Cherisse Gill Page 1 of 2 ...read more.

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