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Assess to what extent does social policy reflect on the traditional nuclear family

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  • Essay length: 1108 words
  • Submitted: 13/10/2005
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GCSE International relations 1945-1991

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Assess to which extent social policies reflect and support the traditional nuclear family

Social policy is the package of measures taken to solve a social problem. I intend to assess the New Right and New Left, the taxation law, the Child Support Agency, the fact that the government encourages families to look after themselves, and that 16- 18 year olds don't get job seekers allowance.

The New Right is traditional. It supports the nuclear family and is for being economically independent, not relying on the state. The New Right is associated with the right-wing Conservative policies of the Thatcher government in Britain and that of Reagen in the USA. Key New Right beliefs about the family- Rapoport (1989):

* Based on heterosexual marriage between 2 parents.

* The 'building block' of society.

* Essential to social stability.

* Separate roles performed by men and women according to their biology.

* Two parents and strong discipline needed in families, to prevent the clash of social order.

* All other arrangements are 'deviant' and therefore threat society.

* Strong views on morality and responsibility- stress law and order, plus personal

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