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Beatles Question 1

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Question 1 Source A is a cartoon from a newspaper early in the Beatles career. Source F is part of an Article from a Newspaper. Both sources say the Beatles had an impact on Society. Except A suggests it was positive and F negative. Source A is from the Daily Express in 1963, when the Beatles were starting to become hugely successful. The caption reads 'Gentlemen can't we persuade you to become Conservative candidates- after all you've never had it so good'. The quote is being bigged up. He is trying to say the economy is in a great position; but its not. The message is trying to show that only Labour would be weak enough politically to ask a Pop band to boost popularity. ...read more.


However, it wasn't Tory leaders who begged to get the Beatles on their side; it was in fact Howard Wilson. The source is limited as it doesn't show the Beatles had strong political views or what music they played. For example Tories may have thought they had no interest in politics and because of this they played hard rock and roll. Source F is very different in their interpretation. They depict the Beatles as a rowdy group of musicians who set a negative trend on society. The source is slightly accurate, that the Beatles were wanting commercialism (because they wanted money, as all celebrities do) and that they did persuade some thoughtless teens. But to compare the Beatles gigs to Hitler rallies is wide of the mark. ...read more.


However, the Beatles were never asked to be affiliated with the Tories. Whereas Source F's article is from a Conservative newspaper which is not likely to support the Beatles, because Conservative members dislike Pop music. You have no idea when in their career it was written which adds to the unreliability. It is trying to depict the Beatles as the cause of 'youthful degeneracy', because the Beatles started taking drugs in 1964. Also, Dominic Sandbrook, the historian also added the piece in 2005 is a paid columnist for Tory newspaper the Telegraph; this means he is likely to support their views. Therefore, in my opinion Source A is the more reliable as it shows the Beatles in a more positive light, which is backed up with accuracy and less limitation. ...read more.

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