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Benito Mussolini Informative Speech

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Good morning ms ling and fellow classmates, so far our group has covered the key features of Mussolini's fascism and its impact on the Italian people. His regime was especially inhumane and suppressive and despite some achievements it brought more of suffering to the country and its people. However, why should we study a regime that is so long ago and so far away? The answer is to prevent our Mussolini from growing in our own land. You may ask how that is possible. I can tell you that every system has its weakness and if someone, potential to be dictator, grabs the chance, he can destroy the system and establish his own personal regime, Mussolini and Hitler are the best examples. The very foremost message we want to convey in our presentation is that any sort of dictatorship, under any ideology, can only result in lose of personal liberty and majority of dictatorial regimes only bring suffering to the country and its people. ...read more.


If it fails to do so the people may be disappointed and turn to dictatorship as can be seen from Mussolini's rising up from the highly incapable elected government under Prime Minister Facta. One of the key features of fascism is violence. The fascists use violence to grab power and keep power in their hand. Therefore, thirdly, the government should not be frightened by any sorts of violent actions. Instead, it is its responsibility to stop violence. Even during the march to Rome the Italian government still had stronger army than the fascists however they were frightened by the black shirts and handed the power over to the fascists without a struggle. Nevertheless, Mussolini was able to win over the power because he was decisive, charismatic and able to recognize the need of the people. ...read more.


However, the result, as many dictators, is the suffering of people. You are not obligated to follow any thoughts and no one has the right to control your thought. Finally, people, especially those from nation states, should avoid extreme nationalism. "To revive the glories of the past" was Mussolini's main appeal to the people. Under the name of nationalism he could carry out any policies by his will. Citizens should be loyal and proud of their own country but extreme nationalism like Japan and Italy during WW2 can only hurt the country itself. Mussolini is an important figure in modern history. He created the largest human disaster in 20th century. His rise and fall conveys the whole human race a meaningful message that any regime that is against the equality and liberty of people will only be flooded away by the unstoppable trend of history. That is the end of our presentation. Thank you. ...read more.

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