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Blacked out - creative writing.

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Blacked out I've never encountered racism before, I knew a bit about it. How people reacted to it some with violence some just turned away and carried on with what they were doing. I thought I wouldn't encounter it until I was much older. I didn't really know how I would react to racism I thought about it sometimes when I hear about it. But how I planned to react to racism turned out differently. It was a boiling hot August the sun shown brightly if you took as much as a glimpse at the sun you would be dazed. It was the last week of my summer holiday and I was very excited because I was starting year 7 next week in a different school called St. Mary's secondary school. I was in Leeds visiting my sister called Samantha who was in Leeds University she was going to start her second year in university, we hadn't seen here for about 11 months and it was nice to see her, I was visiting Samantha with my younger sister called Chinwe. ...read more.


When I returned they were nearly at the counter. I started pacing up and down outside burger king waiting for them to come out. While I was pacing up and down, at the corner of my eye I could see a tall dark haired white male looking very angry power walking in my direction. I decided to move out of his way but he kept going from one side to another looking like he was drunk. Each side of the pavement he went on I tried going to the opposite side of the pavement but for some reason it was like he was deliberately trying to go in my way. I stopped in front of the burger king door and was about to enter so he could just go pass, but he reached me just as I was going in he then purposely shoulder barged me. I was put off balance nearly falling to the floor "watch where you're going" I said. It just came out of my mouth with out me thinking of it. ...read more.


I woke up lying down on a bench Samantha and Chinwe were next to me, "what happened" I asked. "You passed out" Samantha replied, "Chinwe saw you just as you got punched and we came rushing out". I saw the man being held by a police officer, I asked Samantha how he got caught and she said a passer by saw what was happening and called the police the police came just after he punched you. They told Samantha that he had a public order offence and he was a well known racist, as he broken his public order offence he would be put in jail and that I could charge him. Looking back on it now I had a short temper but that gave me no reason to react the way I did. I was foolish to try and fight a full grown man as well. What I should have done was to have ignored it but as he kept carrying on I should have gone to my older sister and told her what was going on. She would of dealt with it responsibly. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE USA 1941-80 section.

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