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Bloody Sunday - How useful are sources A,B,C and D to someone trying to find out the truth about the situation in Northern Ireland in January 1972 before "Bloody Sunday"?

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History Coursework Bloody Sunday 1. How useful are sources A,B,C and D to someone trying to find out the truth about the situation in Northern Ireland in January 1972 before "Bloody Sunday"? Explain your answer using sources A - D and your own Knowledge Source A portrays the Irish as barbaric monsters and is highly bias towards the English. This is fairly obvious as the illustrator of this particular cartoon is in fact English but never the less the propaganda from England at that time made the Irish out to be mere Frankenstein's monsters this was most probably done to provide a reason for such unnecessary blood shed on innocent people. It is interesting how the Irishman is so big and powerful in this source where as in real life the English troops really held all the cards they called all the shots. It is also fascinating how the Irish man is dressed in rags and has a menacing look and the English man is elegantly dressed and seems to be warning the monster off. Other than the symbolism of Frankenstein's monster there is also the issue of the rise of the Fenians a beginning of terrorism due to home rule issues under glad stone and the Phoenix park murders. ...read more.


Does this mean that these sources are of no use as evidence about Bloody Sunday? Explain your answer using Source F and G and your own knowledge. The fact that the sources do not agree with each other does not at all mean that they are not useful it is just what happened from another person's perspective. The statement from the commander is most definitely a bias report because he would not want it to seem that his Battalion opened fire for no reason whatsoever. The commander claimed that the demonstrators started the shooting and the Army was only protecting themselves. There is no way of telling whether Father Bradley's account is true either because he is a Catholic so he is bound to take his parishioners side. The priest argued that the demonstration was completely non violent and he saw no intimidating behaviour from the Catholics and there was absolutely no reason or explanation for the British army's actions that day. It is hard to say that one of the sources is right and the other completely wrong although they both contrast different opinions of what happened that day. If there was a completely neutral eyewitness account I am sure that it would be more useful than both of these sources. ...read more.


Source G are comments made by Father Bradley, a Catholic priest, this source is also very one sided as the priest is a Catholic and he is talking about how the attack was completely unprovoked and how the British armies violence was disgusting. Source H is very useful as it is from an English newspaper reporter's point of view who opposes the actions of the army he says that the shooting was unnecessary as there was no violence or threat towards the army. Source I and J are of no particular help as they do not identify any further evidence to what may have happened that day. Source K is interesting although bias as it is the view of the Londonderry City Coroner about the 13 deaths his feelings were that the actions of the army were of "sheer unadulterated murder," as there is no justification for shooting innocent people because of a parade that was banned. In conclusion I think it is possible to draw an accurate judgement from these sources to what happened on Bloody Sunday, in my opinion the Irish were not completely innocent but there was truly no need to kill more than a dozen innocent civilians because of a parade that was banned. ...read more.

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