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Bobby Moore the Greatest Britian Ever.

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Bobby Moore the Greatest Briton Ever Bobby Moore was the greatest Briton ever, not just a sportsman but a leader, a gentleman and someone who never gave up. He captained us to our greatest ever sporting victory, leading out a team with some of the greatest sportsmen that this country has ever produced such as Charlton, Banks and Hurst. I believe that Moore was one of the greatest ever leaders that this country has ever turned out. Not the winner of a bloody war, but he led out his men in to different battles to that of Churchill or Loyd George. He was on the front line preventing goals from going in himself, not commanding troops from an office in London. He was leading his nation at the age of only twenty-one showing a great amount of maturity at a very young age. Not only a captain of his club Moore led out both West Ham United and Fulham F.C. two of the leading clubs of that time. There cannot have been a more loyal footballer than Moore. ...read more.


This was Moore's greatest criticism of modern day defenders that they would go to ground too easily. Bobby Charlton who played with Moore at England said that he was always relieved when the opposition had the ball and Bobby was around as he was sure that it wouldn't be long before Moore made a tackle and won the ball back. Bobby's footballing ability did not just rest with tackling he was one of the best passers of the ball in his generation. He had the ability to distribute the ball perfectly with forty yard balls from anywhere on the pitch. Moore began his West Ham career in 1956 as a sixteen year old and made his first league match for them against Manchester United. His greatest domestic victory for them was in 1964 when he captained them to victory at Wembley in the F.A. Cup final against Preston North End. For his exploits in the cup and league that year Bobby Moore was awarded the accolade of Footballer of the year. ...read more.


This is a list of awards along with his world cup winners medal would for fill any of the dreams of any budding footballer anywhere. On February 24th 1993 the greatest Briton died of cancer of the colon. Thousands of people came to the gates of West Ham's the Boleyn ground to lay flowers and tributes to their and my favourite footballer and greatest Briton. After Bobby's death his widow Stephanie worked hard and dedicated her life to setting up a cancer charity in his memory to raise awareness and improve techniques for dealing with colon cancer. Probably one of the worlds greatest ever footballers the Brazilian wizard Pele had this to say about Moore "He was my friend as well as the greatest defender I have ever played against. The world has lost one of its greatest football players and an honourable gentleman." and another tribute from another great player Franz Beckenbauer of Germany "Bobby Moore was a real gentleman and a true friend. In conclusion Bobby Moore had the leadership of Churchill, the bravery of Nelson, the genius of Darwin and he was as loved as Diana. So the choice is easy the only candidate for the greatest ever Briton is Bobby Moore. Brendan Thorne ...read more.

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