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Boyle monologue - creative writing.

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BOYLE MONOLOGUE Ah it's a beautiful day reminds me of em days when I was as carefree as a chiselur and I would sail around Ireland stopping at every port, telling the people of Ireland me stories of sailing the world. I remember it as if it was yesterday, all I had was me thoughts and a bottle of stout to keep me company and the wind blowed in me face and the waves lifted and dropped me boat. Ah em were the days em were the days ehh. But I suppose you wouldn't remember em days would ye. In em days Ireland was truly a great nation. ...read more.


Everybody is fighting between themselves. I lost me own son during this, he was a brave lad done his part for Ireland so be it was in vain god rest his soul. He died trying to free Ireland like thousands of others and the politicians give away our land to England. It's a disgrace our country is in chassis the church was quick to turn away from me when I was in need. They were always happy to take my money but not happy to give me a helping hand when I was in need. Even me best butty joxer turned away from me. I heard what he said with the rest of them prognosticators ' there goes the ole drunk captain' 'tell us a tale of the antanartic sea captain'. ...read more.


They left me to bear all the responsibility and humiliation as usual didn't even leave me enough money for a pint. after what mary did I was ashamed to hold my head up in public she brought disgrace on my name. I suppose by now shes has had her baby, I bet shes regretting ever meeting that procrastinator bentham. She should have stuck with ole devine. He was a good man I always said. But ole captain Boyle doesn't need em I live before I seen em and I can live without em. Ole captain boyle always manages to get by just fine on his own even with the terrible pains in me legs. But ive found my place now its were I belong the sea has been callin me a long time you know and its about time I came back to me cradle. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Northern Ireland 1965-85 section.

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