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Can nuclear energy be justified?

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Can nuclear energy be justified? Answer: The combustion of fossil fuels gives off yearly around 27 billion tonnes of CO2 beside various green house and ozone depleting gases in the atmosphere. Coal burning alone creates nearly 9 billion tonnes of CO2 from power generation. On the other hand, 441 nuclear plants operating globally which comprises of 17% of total energy consumption avoid the release of nearly 3 billion tones of CO2 emission annually equivalent of the exhaust from more than 428 million cars. -75 Nuclear energy is very concentrated form of energy. Fission of a uranium atom produces 10 million times the energy produced by combustion of a carbon atom from coal. As per Professor Bernard Cohen of Universe of Pittsburgh, USA, breeder reactors which use U-238 instead of U-235 set about 100 times as much energy from a kilogram of uranium as do present reactors and he has shown that with them, we can have plenty of energy for some billions of year. ...read more.


Similar methods are under invention for the fast identification of H5N1 virus of bird flu as through the present methods it takes more than seven days to do the same.-80 However, negative aspect is again alarming. First greatest disaster occurs from nuclear power plants is "Meltdown" where the uranium rods go uncontrollable reaction owing to lack of cooling agent and thus melt exposing dangerous radiations. Three Mile Island Incident of The US in 1979 and Chernobyl incident of USSR in 1986 are the epitomes. In former meltdown incident, it was immediately taken under control but in latter, meltdown went uncontrollable and thus radiations killed 31 people immediately and thousands whole over Europe after prolonged effects.-83 Second, detrimental problem is the nuclear waste disposal. The byproducts of uranium remain radioactive for thousands of year. Once it affects containment vessel, the consequence would be deadly. ...read more.


products.-94 Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty have been already signed in 1968 and 1996 respectively to abstain every country from nuclear weapons. In case of safety, today nuclear plants are made safe. As Three Mile Island had containment vessel, so was the successful story where as Chernobyl did not have, so the incident was termed to be waiting to happen.-59 Rational use of nuclear energy is the panacea to present energy, environment and water degradation and it is our responsibility to do it. Terming nuclear against humanity is completely false. Every form of energy has certain risks but the thing is we all need to try our best to minimize the risks and misuses. Again, banning nuclear energy doesn't justify nuclear proliferation. So, every country in the world needs to unite and cooperate in deleting the hazards of nuclear energy for vesting this generation and the generation to come with clean, green and safe everlasting nuclear energy. ...read more.

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