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Canada's Involvement in WW1 Hindsight

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Post Conference Report Was World War One Worthwhile for Canada Ace Albert Zavitz The Great War had many impacts on Canada, both positive and negative. The violent conflict consumed an entire generation of young men, killing or wounding most of them, and leaving all with scars that would never heal, so the Great War was obviously not worthwhile then? Well on the other hand it was an event that transformed our economy, culture, nation and identity. Many Great War veterans were physically and emotionally wounded during the war, and in our conference the soldiers seemed to have a mixed reaction about their experiences in the War. A few seemed to think that the good pay and a benefits were worth it, but another claimed that the horrors of Trench Warfare were to big a burden. ...read more.


opportunity that would open many doors for woman at this time, and spark a chain reaction that would lead women to the equal gender rights they enjoy today. For Woman I would say that Canada's involvement was in fact worth while, as the long term positive impacts outweigh the mild suffering they had to endure during the time of the actual war. For Canadians not of English or French descent ( Native, African, Asian, German, Eastern European, etc) the War proved both to be unfair and un worthwhile. These Canadians were either forbidden to enlist, discriminated against, and even imprisoned due to their ethnic backgrounds, thus the War couldn't have been worthwhile for them. In the European perspective ( disregarding the Germans and Austrians of course) Canada's involvement in the war was very worthwhile, Canada captured many important strategic sites in the course of the war and turned the tide of many battles with their stalwart soldiers. ...read more.


On the downside, Canada was also thrown into horrible debt which toke years to repay, so as far as economy goes, I'd say Canada's involvement was both worthwhile in some aspects, and not worthwhile in others. After weighing the positive and negative effects of Canada's involvement in the First World War, I would have to say that because of the long lasting, and long term positive effects that are direct outcomes of Canadian participation, our involvement in the War was in fact worthwhile. Canada would not be the nation it is today without the war, and the hardships faced by every Canadian at that time are the price that had to be paid for the happiness and freedom felt by all Canadians today. The Great War is a terrible thing, and costs millions and millions of innocent lives, but the events of the past helped shape the society of today, and that is a very worthwhile thing. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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