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Causes of the Cold war. Soviet expansion and the Marshall Plan.

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Cause for cold war Soviet expansion in Eastern Europe was massive cause of the cold war. Over twenty million Russians died during the Second World War, so Stalin said he wanted to create a buffer zone of friendly states around Russia to make sure that Russia could never be invaded again. Stalin was planning to take the whole of Eastern Europe. During the war, Communists from the occupied countries of Eastern Europe escaped to Moscow and set up Communist governments in exile there, and as the Red Army drove the Germans back, it occupied large areas of Eastern Europe and, once the war was over the USSR never left the countries it had taken in the war, this occupation created Stalin desired buffer zone. This large and fast expansion of the USSR and its allies scared the USA and tension grew due to the fear of further expansion west toward America by the USSR. ...read more.


Another massive cause for the start of the cold war was the Marshall plan The United States became alarmed with the growing of communism in Europe and set up the Marshall Plan in order to control the spread of communism. The Marshall Plan was an economic support program funded by the United States. They gave money to the war torn democratic countries in order to rebuild their economy. They did not give money to the Soviet Union and any of its allies. The Unites States' motivation for doing this was to provide themselves with trading partners in the east and to economically exclude the Soviet Union. All the Marshall plan did was anger the USSR, it made them hate America and all her allies. It increased tension massively by showing the two countries that either could be attacked at any time, and it also showed that the USA would stop at nothing to stop the spread of communism. ...read more.


This plan in turn angered America thus starting a cold war. In conclusion I believe that the huge expansion of Russia was the main and most important cause of the cold war it had a massive impact, it scared the west and forced the Americans to tackle the threat of communism head on. The Marshall plan was simply the little nudge that sent Russia and America in to the cold war. The expansion was the main factor; it forced the capitalist west to evaluate their defences against the threat of communism. The expansion built up a time bomb of tension and conflict. The Russian expansion, in my view, started the cold war and was the main cause for tension and conflict; it destroyed the shaky relationship between the USSR and America and made Russia the biggest superpower in the world. And that is why I believe that the Russian expansion is the main cause of the cold war ...read more.

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