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Causes Of The Second World War

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Causes Of The Second World War 24/6/01 There are many reasons for The Second World War, many people think it is due to Hitler, his beliefs and his obsession with a greater Germany. Hitler was elected to power from a public of desperate Germans, they were still angry with the Western world for forcing them to sign the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler promised to avenge the 'November Criminals' and restore Germany to its former glory. He did indeed want to improve Germany state of affairs although his policies where different from what many expected. Hitler wanted to unite all 'pure' German-speaking people, he also wanted lebensraum (living space) in order to gain self-sufficiency (autarky) as well as total domination of Europe and The World. The western world was terrified of Communism, Britain and France aloud Hitler to build up his army because they hoped The Nazis would keep Communism at bay. Hitler used conscription (forced the public to join his army) to get a huge force. ...read more.


Nothing was done as The First World War had left many dead and Europe did not wish to go through it all again. The British Prime minister, Neville Chamberlin (shown on left) travelled to Germany to make an appeasement with Hitler. He would allow Hitler to take some land in return for peace. Some say Neville Chamberlin knew Hitler would not stick to this but that he was merely buying time for Britain's empire to get ready. Chamberlin aloud Hitler to take over the Sudatenland then later the rest of Czechoslovakia. The appeasement took place from May of 1937 to March of 1939. Churchill (Britain's future Prime Minister) had noticed the line 'Germany must regain lands in the East ... by the power of the sword' in Hitler's book Mein Kampf and expected a war. France was unlikely to try and interfere with The Nazis because they couldn't rely on Britain and America's support. Has they tried these three forces could of probably stopped The Second World War before 1939. ...read more.


In March 1939 Hitler forced Lithuania to give him Memel (where most people spoke German). The British Appeasement Policy could still work as long as Hitler took German-speaking places. Soon after Hitler threatened to bomb Prauge (The Czechs capital city) so they surrendered. Czechoslovakia is not a German-speaking place, so The Appeasement Policy had failed. Chamberlin began to rearm Britain. Hitler soon did take control of Poland, in September of 1939, using the 'blitzkreig' technique. This is a bombardment by air first and then land forces. By September the third Chamberlin sent a message threatening war with Germany if Hitler did not leave Poland. On 3rd September, Britain, followed by France, declared war on Germany. As my conclusion I would say that Adolf Hitler's views and obsessions were mostly to blame for The Second World War. Although other factors which include the British and French passiveness to start another war and the worlds fear of Communism are also partly to blame. All in all Hitler and The Nazi party were looking for a war, The western world was not, this is why The Nazis are more to blame than Britain, France and America. ...read more.

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