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China and Taiwan

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How far does China's current relationship with Taiwan reflect the legacy of the past? How is this situation likely to be resolved? In this essay I will be analysing the current relationship between China and Taiwan and how it reflects their relations in the past. I will also explain any possible solutions to the current situation. The relationship between China and Taiwan has been unstable at times however it has also been improving at times. In recent months the relationship has improved because there have now been 375,000 trips to Taiwan from China and vice versa these flights have been direct this shows that there has been an improvement in the relationship because if it hadn't then why would there be direct flights to the enemies land. Both China and Taiwan have gained a finical boost by allowing direct flights to both countries. In the article "Ma Says Taiwan-China Economic Embrace 'the Beginning'" it states that "Ma's administration says a fuller economic agreement to cut restrictions on trade with China could increase the island's exports by about 5 percent, or $13 billion based on last year's figures, and add 273,000 jobs" this is proof that Taiwan has benefited from its improving alliance with China. The history of Taiwan is 400 years old. The original name of the island was Pakan and on it lived the Malayo-Polynesian. ...read more.


This isn't the first time China has objected or threatened Taiwan because in the article "As China Threatens Taiwan, It Makes Sure U.S. Listens" which was written in January 4th 1996 it states that "China has completed plans for a limited attack on Taiwan that could be mounted in the weeks after Taiwan's President, Lee Teng-hui, wins the first democratic balloting for the presidency in March. And this threatened Taiwan and because of these threats Taiwan has now taken action against another threat like this by purchasing defensive arms from the U.S and because Taiwan has purchased these arms which could help them defend themselves if China were ever to attack them this has infuriated China and in the news article titled "US-China relations hit a bad patch" which was last updated Tuesday 2nd February 2010 "The proposed sales, worth some $6.4bn (�4bn), are interesting as much for what they leave out as for what they put in." This shows that Taiwan is willing to fight back against China and keep their independence because if they are willing to spend �4 billion on defensive weapons then they must except that one day China will attack them and that they will not sit back and let China take their independence. The biggest apprehension is that a war will break out because China believes that Taiwan belongs to them and is still part of China's communist family and in the article titled ...read more.


The two countries communicating is a good start to the road to peace. China's latest conterversity was with Google censorship because the Chinese government did not want their people to search for certain pages such as Taiwan or Democracy and to do this China used hackers to gain access into Google and block key words. In the article tilted Google to end censorship in China stated that "Google, the world's leading search engine, has thrown down the gauntlet to China by saying it is no longer willing to censor search results on its Chinese service." And therefore the Chinese government have abolished Google and other social networking sites like facebook and twitter. In the end I think that the most likely solution for the current China and Taiwan solution is that they will both remain as associates but neither will become communist or democratic and they both will remain as they are now. Both will benefit however Taiwan will benefit more because they will have lower labour costs and a wider market for them to sell their goods to. China will also benefit because they will be able to enhance their economy with Taiwan's help. Napoleon once said "let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world" he said this about china meaning that once China comes to power the whole world shall realise and it has done this because it is now one of the most powerful countries in the world both economically and military wise. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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