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Choose 2 events from the last 200 years which have helped shape the views of the nationalists and the unionists.

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Q2) Choose 2 events from the last 200 years which have helped shape the views of the nationalists and the unionists One of the key events that has helped shape the view of both the Nationalists and the Unionists is the Ulster plantations in 1610. The plantations were when Protestants from England and Scotland took land from the Irish Catholics and farmed it for themselves. The Protestants were so scared of an uprising by the Catholics that they protected the land that they had with forts against an attack. The settlers didn't intermarry- they often didn't meet the native Irish. They despised and feared them and so separated themselves from them as much as possible. The settlers refused to change to suit the Irish way of life. They kept the language and their protestant religion. They also remained loyal to the English rule and rulers. This helped shape the views of both the Nationalists and Unionists. It created a divide in the population and each side despised each other. ...read more.


This is a reason why they need the British, to protect them in Ireland, as they are the minority. Before the Plantations, there were two views in Ireland but this helped shape the views of both sides because it created a separation between them instead of it being about a difference of opinion. Another key event in history that helped shape the views of the Nationalists and Unionists were the Protestant massacres of 1641 and the Catholic massacres of 1649. The massacre in 1641 was the rebellion of the Catholics in Ulster against the Protestant settlers. They felt that the Protestants were treating them unfairly by stealing their land and resented having to pay high rent for the land so tried to fight to win it back. The Irish knew that the English had trouble of their own back in England and so would be too busy to deal with the rebellion. The rebellion soon spread to the whole of Ireland and by 1642 they controlled most of Ireland. ...read more.


Many of the Protestants feel that it was a planned attack, and that the Catholics were just trying to brutally kill as many of the Protestant settlers as possible, even though the Catholics argue that it wasn't. They say that if the Catholics are allowed to rule then protestants will be persecuted. The Catholics use the massacres to prove how bloodthirsty the Protestants and the British are. They use this as one of the reasons why Ireland shouldn't have a union with Britain. Cromwell is still hated by Catholics today. They use the massacres to motivate young people to join republican movements even if they support violence. The Catholics ignore the massacre that they caused to the Protestants in 1641 and the Protestants ignore the massacre of the Catholics that they caused with Cromwell. Both sides use propaganda such as leaflets and songs to tell people of their viewpoint and use only the parts of history that support their point of view. The massacres helped shape the views of both the Catholics and Protestants because it created resentment, hatred and mistrust between the two sides that is still unrepaired today. ...read more.

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