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Choose 2 events in the last 100 years, which have been particularly important in shaping the views of today?

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Choose 2 events in the last 100 years, which have been particularly important in shaping the views of today? Many events in the last hundred years have affected the way that the loyalists and nationalist today see each other. These have been events that have affected each side and some that affect both. For the Loyalists one of the most important events was the civil rights movement that began in 1967. This was seen as the start of the recent troubles. When Terence O'Neill took control of the government of Ulster in 1963, he promised changes for the catholic minority, although these changes would take time to come about. ...read more.


Lord Scarman reports in 1972 that although police in 1969 believed in an IRA armed uprising there was no credible evidence they either planned or organised the disturbances. However as a direct result of the massacre the IRA split into two fractions, the Official IRA and the Provisional IRA (The Provos), and it was the Provos who started the bombing and killing of British Soldiers. Without the impact of Bloody Sunday the troubles might not have led so disastrously down the path of violence. The fact that there is a government commission in London still examining the whole question of what took place on Bloody Sunday shows the level at which it affected both sides of the troubles, with the Loyalist supporting the Paras and the Nationalists belief in a Government policy that led to the death of 13 Catholic civilians. ...read more.


It was on these marches, starting at Derry that conflict and violence became commonplace. This was the situation that led directly to events like Bloody Sunday and the many years of violence in Northern Ireland and on the main land. The chief effect of the Civil Rights Movement on the Protestants was to strengthen their belief that what the Catholics wanted was not so much Civil Rights as Union with the Southern Ireland and therefore breaking away from the UK, which would have led them to be the minority in what they would consider a foreign country. For the Nationalist the violence that erupted in the marches and the behaviour on a number of occasions of the police led to a long term distrust of the mainly Protestant police force, which is still a major demand of Sinn Fein. ...read more.

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