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Choosing two events/problems, explain how important the role apartheid played in causing these problems.

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South African Coursework Question 2 Choosing two events/problems, explain how important the role apartheid played in causing these problems. Sharpeville Massacre occurred on 21st March 1960. Both the ANC'S (African National Congress) and the PAC'S (Pan - African Congress) were involved in the Sharpeville Massacre. This was because both PAC and the ANC decided to campaign against the pass laws in 1959. The ANC announced single - day anti pass marches; the PAC called for mass obedience and also the police. Both groups were going to refuse to carry passes and go to the police station demanding to be arrested. The crowd arrived outside the police station, then there was a minor scuffle and then the police suddenly opened fire. "Monday resulted from a planned demonstration of about 20,000 natives in which demonstrators attacked police with assorted weapons, including firearms. ...read more.


Soweto is a township outside Johannesburg. The riots took place from the 16th June 1976 and took place for the rest of the year. On 16th June 1976, 15,000 students held a demonstration in part of Soweto. The police fired at them and two students were killed. More demonstrations were held in Soweto and also in other parts of South Africa as well. The students burnt schools and attacked shebeens. On top of this the government forces encouraged migrant workers to beat up demonstrators. All together the riots went on for about 6 months, so by the end of the year about 1,000 people were killed. The apartheid was to blame for the Soweto riots. This was because the apartheid was responsible for the black people being poor and living in poor conditions in Soweto. ...read more.


It is clear apartheid was the main cause of the Soweto riots. However, the apartheid was not the only factor that led to the Soweto riots. Another factor was that the black independence movements had thrown out the white Portuguese colonial rulers of Mozambique and Angola. This made Mozambique and Angola independent, which was what the black people of South Africa wanted, so they carried out the riots in an attempt to gain their rights. Another factor that was to blame for the Soweto riots were the Shebeens. This was because the money that was spent on the brew from the brew-houses could have been spent on their families. This is also why the families lived in poverty as the brew-houses were taking money from their fathers. Also the South African government used so much force to put down the riots, which deterred other black protests. This also stopped black people from getting ideas to control the country. Samantha Krzywopulski ...read more.

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