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Civil Rights Coursework Question 2

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HOW FAR do source 'B' and source 'C' support the impression given by Elizabeth Eckford in source 'A'? In source 'A' it states that a guard raised his bayonet when Elizabeth Eckford tried to get into the school. This suggests that the guy that was suppose to be protecting her instead threatened her with violence. This statement is supported by source 'C' because there is a picture of a guard just standing there flowing the crowd. This suggests that he was not protecting her, allowing anything to happen to her. ...read more.


This suggests that they were planning on harming her in some way, shape or form and that there was no one there to protect her. This is supported by source 'C' because the picture shows the crowd right behind Elizabeth Eckford and the guard is standing behind them. In this source you can also see an old lady who looks like she is about to hit her. This suggests that if old people were acting like this it would be perfectly acceptable for the younger generation to also do stuff like this. ...read more.


Source 'C' supports this fact by showing us that there was no one friendly looking standing around her. This suggest that she was being racially targeted as there is no one else being shouted and screamed at and there was no one to protect her. On the contrary, source 'B' states that a group of six girls were wailing hysterically. This suggests that they were scared, frightened and did not know what to do. Overall I would say that source 'C' most supports Elizabeth Eckford's statement in source 'A' because the majority of the evidence cross references well with each other. Whereas source 'B' partly supports the statement made in Source 'A'. ...read more.

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