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civil rights in the usa

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Civil rights in the USA Source 'A' a photograph in central high school in little rock taken on 23rd September 1957. source is made reliable because it's a photograph, which shows white student's very angry and hostile even the old and the young, due to one black female attending an 'all white school' although in 1954 it was made illegal by law for segregation in education(school). So it shows the remaining hatred and the difficulty of black people. This is limited because we don't know anything besides the photo. This is a primary source as it's a picture. Source 'B' a newspaper article from the 'Chicago daily defender' looking at the little rock event, it was published on 28th may 1958, a year after the event took place. It's a black newspaper in Chicago, it's not reliable because it has no proof and is from a black point of view and could have added anything he/she wanted to, also its one year after the event took place so this means it might have been an altered story (article). This is a secondary source because it is someone telling us or viewing the story from its point, and it could therefore be biased. ...read more.


Source 'I' this shows a major develop in voters that are black this was a great achievement, many blacks now voted and each states percentages of black voters increased, the smallest increase was in south Carolina. Source 'J' the movie 'Mississippi burning' it was set in the 1960's showing attitudes in the southern states against blacks and the cruelty used again them, the spotlight was more on the Ku Klux Klan on what they did and showed how terrifying it all got for the blacks. This film also showed civil rights workers had a great deal of risk from racist white groups who didn't want them to help the blacks. 'Malcolm X' was also showing some hostile attitudes in some of the civil rights movement. I personally think there were many achievements: Brown v Board of education Topeka lead by Martin Luther King achieved a lot such as segregation got stopped in schools. Bus boycott lead by Martin Luther King gave black people their rights on the buses, murder of 'Emmett Till' lead by Martin Luther King showed people that he was doing something again injustice with blacks and will try to punish those individual culprits. ...read more.


However: There were signs of tension and potential division in the movement that were to become increasingly apparent in the next three years, Only very limited progress had been made in improving the economics and social conditions of black American, especially in the north However: Black voter registration was still lower than white, some parts of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina maintained segregation in public areas, such as bus terminals. Major economic and social problems remained for black people in both the north and the south. The Civil Rights Movement itself was weakened and divided over tactics. Its two greatest spokesmen had been assassinated. So overall there were many achievements with a lot of big oppositions, and a lot was gained and a lot needed to be gained. So if Martin Luther King never got assassinated in 1968 there would have possibly been much more of achievements, as he was attempting full equality of where he had succeeded some step but needed few more to gain it all. By the looks of things it seems as if a few more years could have lead to a possibility of a few more successes, to have total equality. By Naumaan Amjed Naumaan Amjed History coursework ...read more.

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