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Civil rights in the USA

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Civil rights in the USA coursework assignments 1). Describe the disadvantages that Black Americans faced in the early 1950's. During the early 1950's, black Americans faced many disadvantages in America. In consideration not only did blacks face injustice but they faced prejudice and racial discrimination. Blacks also faced the disadvantages socially, economically, politically and also physically. Although the civil war had been won in 1864,the war hadn't won any justice for blacks. In 1896, the Jim Crow law was set out which therefore had made a a segregration between white and blacks, this therefore meant that blacks and whites could not mix freely. This effected blacks socially as because of the segregation it had caused them to be seperated from clubs, resturants,public toilets,local parks and even hotels, and if however if blacks or whites wanted to mix. ...read more.


In 1950,blacks were being payed only $3,828 compared to whites being payed $7,057. This shows that the issue of injustice and prejudice was shown among whites to blacks. Because of the amount of money black Americans were earning, they couldn't afford themselves a decent housing or even in some cases, enough food. However some blacks were migrating up north where they getting paid better although they had to live in inducstrial areas which could result them having higher health risks. There were a lot of black people which helped them stablise, however ghettos and slums were increasing rapidly. Shops, cafes and resturants made for blacks only was not as high standard and economically rich as a white only resturant. This led to very poor hygyine care in the cafes and resturants and could result in problems. ...read more.


Many blacks faced the injustice. Also a gang called Ku klux klan, was a group of white people who would tortute blacks and terrorise them. They would racially abuse them,also in some cases the klans would lynch them in a act to make blacks scared.They made blacks feel inferior and hated.In which resulted of many blacks being scared and frightened to face up to whites. As a conclusion blacks faced many problems, mainly because of the segregation it had leaded them leaving school illiterate, which caused them to get a poor paid job and resulted this for them,living in poor lifestyle or even poverty. This implicated them to higher crimes as a way of making money, blacks would have to steal in which to face their lifestyle problems. Because of the little rights they had, many blacks could not resolve their problems and had to live in poverty. Shabrina Ali 04/05/2007 1 ...read more.

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