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Civil rights movement - questions and answers.

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History Coursework Final Draft Q1. Describe the disadvantages that Black Americans faced in the early 1950's. Slavery engraved itself on southerners even after the Civil War in which slavery was abolished in 1865. White people still had it cemented in their minds that blacks were slaves and blacks will always be slaves. The slaves were emancipated but not in the minds of the white slave owners. In the early 1950's the Jim Crow laws were a huge disadvantage for the blacks after the civil war. The Jim Crow laws were meant to keep everything separate but equal. It was certainly separate but definitely not equal! The Jim Crow laws were made for people that couldn't afford poll tax and if you couldn't afford it then you couldn't vote and as the black people had the worst paid jobs and even in the same jobs the black people would have lower wages than the white employees, it meant they could afford poll tax and so they were politically excluded from the vote. It was a vicious circle. Even after the Jim Crow laws first came about the black people were still a lot worse off than the white people. Black people in Southern states were in disadvantage, in the eyes of whites they were inferior. They still had worst paid jobs, lived in poorest areas, they had separate toilets, and buses, fountains, beaches and they even had separate education. ...read more.


Everyone got to see segregation. All of the marches and speeches were available for people to watch on television. This made it able for everyone to recognise what was happening in the world. All of the assassinations were shown on tele too this led to support form other countries which also helped with the financial side, and this was what got king out of prison. All the black victims needed a leader they need someone to follow who would take charge and set a real example. Martin Luther King was their leader and he did a fantastic job of it. He too had great determination and his methods got the black community a lot of success. Kings idea was 'non-violence', he led non violent protests which meant that they would gain more sympathy from the public and as the white people that were against the blacks such as 'Bull Connor' who was a local racist police man who would be very violent against King and Kings followers, he hit them with batons viciously shot them to the floor with proper fireman hoses (which are very powerful and painful!) and also got there dogs on to them to do as much damage as possible. As the whites were so violent, by king not being violent it made the whites look bad and proved to the public what the white racists were really like which gained even more sympathy for the blacks. ...read more.


Did they not want repercussions of the LA riots who knows! Maybe now the blacks would use this to their advantage to get away with crimes that they possibly did commit. WHITE BLACK Population 216.1mill 32.9 mill Unemployment 6.5% 14.1% Median family income 37,783 21,548 In prison 0.16 1.02 On death Row 1.464 1.018 Infant mortality 7.7 17.1 Illegimate births 20.2% 65.1% With college education 59.8 % 48.3% The table above shows that the civil rights movement was not a success it works out that blacks were still completely unequal. Yes Wallace was not elected but he still got 10 million votes which shows that there were still a lot of racist people out there who didn't want a black mayor. There was also still lynching which showed not complete success. The assassination of the following people also goes to show the failure of the civil rights movement, all within 5 years of one another. Martin Luther King 1968 Malcolm X 1965 J.F Kennedy 1963 Bobby Kennedy 1968 They were all dead and they were all Civil Rights Martyrs. In conclusion the civil rights movement was a success as it had improved the world a lot and made life for the black people easier and free from fear. It also has made the world equal so now everyone has the same rights and that's how it should be. Without the individuals who were full of determination, courage and bravery then I believe the civil rights movement would have been a complete failure! ...read more.

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