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Civil Rights Sources Questions

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HISTORY GCSE COURSEWORK 1a. In source 2 the type of discrimination shown is segregation. The blacks have to use separate drinking water fountains in the south. b. Source 1 supports what is happening in source 2 because they both refer to segregation and they both refer to separate drinking fountains. 2. Source 1 shows that black children would be born in Jim Crow hospitals and would live in a ghetto. When blacks went to school they would be segregated and only blacks went there. When blacks wanted a job they would have to settle for menial work and not to expect promotion because a white employee would get it before you. When they were eating they would have to sit in a separate place and drink from a separate water fountain labelled coloured. Most blacks weren't allowed to vote either. Source 3 shows us segregated taxis in Atlanta where there were white drivers for white passengers and blacks drivers for black passengers. In Virginia there were separate facilities in airports. In 1933 there was no inter-racial boxing or wrestling allowed. An Arkansas law of 1937 required segregation in racetracks and gaming establishments. Source 4 tells us that blacks could be killed for not showing respect or obeying laws (e.g. Emmett Till). Source 5 tells us that a black kitchen maid was killed for spilling orange juice on a young white male. ...read more.


The whites were so full of anger they didn't care if they were shown on camera. 6. Some people have different views on Bob Dylan. Some people thought he wrote his songs for his own career and too promote himself, but others thought he was a genuine Civil Rights activist. Patrick Humphries thought to a large extent that Bob Dylan was a genuine Civil Rights activist but he wrote the songs also for his own career. Humphries could be reliable because he was an author and he wrote a book on Dylan, so he would have to know a lot about him. Dylan had an ex-girlfriend called Joan Baez and she said that he wasn't a true activist and he never went to any Civil Rights marches. She also said that he never believed that his songs could change bigots and racists. His girlfriend could be reliable because she is his ex-girlfriend and she would know a lot about him but on the other hand she is his ex-girlfriend and she might want to discredit him because she is jealous. She also made the point of him not going to marches but we are told in source six that he was in Washington with Martin Luther King Jr. Bernice Reagan said that Bob Dylan was a genuine activist because she said that he couldn't write those kind of songs without believing in Civil Rights. ...read more.


In source 15 we would need to know the statistics for whites as well as blacks. More black officials were being elected; this could show life was improving because there were more complaints by blacks, probably because they thought this would lead to better living standards. Ins source 16 he is only driving through two states so we can't really conclude. It's only an extract and we would need to read more. In source 17 it could be the choice of the blacks not wanting to live near the whites. This source is only an extract and one man's opinion. He is only talking about one part of one state so we can't make a conclusion. Source 18 could be reliable because of our own knowledge but it is only one person and we would have to check it with other people. Using my own knowledge, overall life for blacks has improved because there is more Rap, Pop stars (e.g. Tupac Shakur), more athletes and also more film stars. Also the U.S secretary of state Colin Powell is black. There is still a lot of racism about America because the Ku Klux Klan killed James Byrd and segregation is in place in parts of America (e.g. New York). Rodney King was left with twelve broken bones as four policemen beat him on the ground. Overall I think that life for black Americans has improved since the 1950's. ...read more.

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