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Civil Rights Sources Questions

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HISTORY COURSEWORK 1) a) In source 2, the discrimination that blacks faced in thesouthern states was that they had to drink from separate drinking fountains in public places, labelled 'coloured only.' b) It supports it as in source 1, Martin Luther King talks about segregation, as does source 2. Martin Luther King also talks about black people having to use separate drinking fountains, as does source 2. 2) In source 1, many types of discrimination were opposed on Black people. Black people had to have their children in Jim Crow hospitals. Then, the children had to attend a coloured only school, which, once again was inferior to white hospitals and black schools. Blacks also had to live in ghettos, which were run down, crowded and dangerous. The kids had to play in the streets, as the parks for coloured people were totally inadequate. Even if the kids overcame these obstacles, they would be discriminated against job wise, and would end up having to do either menial or labouring work. Black people wouldn't have got promoted, as the white staff would have been promoted before them. Blacks even had to use separate facilities in the workplace, like toilets and drinking facilities. The most important one however, was that Black people were intimidated not to vote, this only applies to those who could vote, because most Blacks couldn't vote, due to the inferior style education they received, as you had to pass a literacy test before being allowed to vote. In source 3, Blacks suffered many types of segregation. In Atlanta, Georgia, you had to have written on the side of your taxi which race, you served. Blacks or Whites, as only whites could drive whites and Blacks drive Blacks. In 1944, separate facilities like waiting rooms were brought into use in airports. In 1933, the state of Texas prohibited Whites and Blacks from boxing and wrestling each other. ...read more.


On the other hand, you could also say that since he was elected, that a lot of the Southern Whites agree with his policies. Also, this is only a little bit of his speech, and we are not given the full speech, and therefore it isn't the full story, and we cannot say that this is what he said for the whole speech, as he might have changed his mind in other parts of the speech. This source may have quite a lot of advantages, but it also has a lot of disadvantages, which would show that this source has too many limitations and therefore not useful. 5) In source 8, the White people appear violent towards the black girl, and are very hostile towards her. By gathering around her, following her, and staring at her. The crowd appear to be trying to intimidate the girl, by shouting what looks like abuse at her. As it shows, there is a girl behind her shouting at her. These students appear to be very angry at the fact of a Black girl at their school. In source 12, these Civil-rights activists are sitting at a counter that is usually reserved for white people only. One of the activists is White. A crowd has gathered around these three people and they appear to be verbally abusing them and assaulting them. The group behind the activists have already smeared mustard on the people, as well as smearing sauce on them as well. They have also been sprayed with paint. Not only are they physically abusing the activists, they are mentally breaking them down as well. In both sources, the White people appear to be so enraged, that they don't care if they are on camera or not. 6) Many people had different views of Bob Dylan's motives. Many people thought that he was a genuine civil-rights activist, and supported racial equality. ...read more.


In Source 17, the man talks about how Blacks and Whites go their separate ways after 5 o Clock. This doesn't prove that there is discrimination, maybe blacks and Whites want to go their separate ways. This is only an opinion on one southern state, and not all the southern states. In source 18, what the person says makes sense and could be reliable and useful. This is once again only an opinion of one person on the matter. It is only an extract out of a book written especially on civil rights. You could rely on this source as the person that wrote the source wrote a book on civil rights in America. After the 1950's and in modern day, we see more and more black people being rich and well off. Like athletes, actors, music stars. For example, look at Tiger Woods, he is one of the most famous sports stars in the world today, and also what is impressive is that he is playing what everyone considered to be a White persons sport. Another is Michael Jordan, who probably is the most famous of all athletes and sports players. However, there is still racial tension between the races, as there are still extremist groups like the KKK. An example of racism is a man called James Byrd. He was a Black man who was picked up by two white men, and was tied to the back of their truck and dragged for miles, leaving his limbs scattered all over the road. Many members of authority and power are Black, for example Colin Powell, who is the American Secretary of State. We still have segregation in many parts, but through choice, for example Harlem in New York is a Black area, and Blacks would take offence to a White man being in Harlem. There is still segregation in schools as well as communities and so on I feel that life has dramatically improved for Blacks over the years, but I feel that there is still racial tension on both sides, and still hatred between the two races. ...read more.

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