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civil war

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There were many factors which lead to the out break of the English civil war. Some of these were long term causes, dating back to the very beginning of Charles reign. Other were short term causes dating back to the 1635's. but there were also things that triggered the war such as the grand Remonstrance. There is evidence that Charles was responsible for the civil war because of his ideas and behaviour about religion, Charles believed that changing the church to a more simple design would make the church better for people coming to church services and to make people focus on god and not on all the fancy things around him but he was wrong his kingdom hated the idea and thought he was changing his Puritan kingdom to a catholic church. ...read more.


Lastly Charles was taught from James I that god had given him power to rule alone, which is why Charles dissolved parliament but if Charles had not off dissolved parliament his kingdom, all the puritans would of liked Charles as their king. An important reason why Charles was responsible for the civil war was his attitude and behaviour towards parliament, In 1629 Charles thought he could rule England an Scotland with out parliament, he ruled like this for eleven years and in this time he grew very unpopular because he raised taxes Also Charles and Arch Bishop Laud completely changed how the churches were ruled by simplifying them. ...read more.


It can be argued that parliament was partly responsible because they didn't try to stop Charles collecting pointless ship money, and also the parliament kept trying to cut king Charles reign, but if they didn't do that Charles would not of dissolved from parliament and all the problems king Charles had made could of been resolved. However it is clear to me that Charles was the main cause of the English civil war as he should off taken the advise and treated the parliament with more respect as they were only trying to help. But on the other hand the parliament could of stood up to King Charles and take charge of all the problems Charles caused. by Christina Roberts Form: 8JP / PPE Number of words: 502. ...read more.

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