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Clash of titans: East vs. West

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Sam Greenblatt Clash of titans: East vs. West Europe includes an immense diversity of cultures and languages that developed side by side; Asia on the other hand had been developing on its own for centuries before Europe began to evolve. So how did the "peninsula of Asia", become not only a strong force in the West, but a global power. Through the different articles we read, Illustrated History of Europe, Roberts' A History of Europe, Davies' Europe: A History, Diamond's Guns, Germs, and Steel, Landes' The Wealth and Poverty of Nations, and Hanson's Carnage and Culture one can understand how and why the later developing Europe became the dominate power over the already powerful Asia. The Illustrated History of Europe calls Europe a divided continent, but one civilization. Europe's wide plains, for example the Great Northern Plain, only aid to an easy invasion from the east which happened numerous times throughout Europe's history. Europe also has a high diversity of languages, 43 in total, that were originated from Sanskrit. Because of this, Europe's language, in written from, is based on a consonantal system rather than that of an ideographic system such as the Chinese use. ...read more.


Thus those were the ones which we were able to eat because they were the only ones we were able to gather. We would therefore only disperse the seeds of the "non-exploding" pea pods through our excrement or our garbage dumps. In the end the hunter/gatherers will eventually die out because they do not have the steel to make tools as well as the weapons that the farmers have and thus will, in time, be destroyed. Latitude played a huge role in the rise of farmers in Europe. Due to the similar latitude throughout Europe the growing season is relatively the same, along with a relatively equal climate. The easy spread of germs came about because people lived in crowded villages where a disease could simply pass from one household to another. Plus with the domestication of animals, the animals now lived in close quarters to the people and thus contributed to the spread of diseases. When the European explorers introduced germs to the Native Americans, many Native Americas were killed because they didn't have the built up resistance because of the lack of domesticated animals. ...read more.


The water wheel became an addition source of power. The mechanical clock, in my opinion the most important, kept people task oriented, and because people always want the most accurate time we kept improving upon it and it turn improved upon all inventions. This was the economic revolution, which was only comparable to when humans went from hunter/gatherers to food producers. Hanson stated that the reason the West fought so well was because Europeans fought for their own land. Peoples in the West had a voice in what happened, militarily and politically, whereas peoples in the east had none. An example of this would be the battle of Salamis, the Greek soldiers got together only hours before the battle to decide if fighting this fight was really worth it. On the Persian side, however, the soldiers had no say in it, and fought that battle not necessarily wanting to fight for the cause. Due to the West's freedom, private property, domestication of plants and animals and the movement from hunter/gatherers to food producers were all factors why the less developed Europe came to overpower the already strong Asia. If Asia had had a these "fundamentals" as did the West think how different the world would be. ...read more.

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