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Contract of Employment

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Contract of Employment A contract of employment is an agreement that is between the employer and the employee, by having the employer offer the employee work to do a particular job and agrees to work for the employer in return for wages. An employer would provide a contract to make sure the employee understands what is required of them, if so they should sign the contract. In doing this, the employee agrees only to do the jobs stated in the contract. 'In Breach of Contract' breaking your contract even though the employee has signed and agreed to the content within the contract. It is important for an employee to sign a contract to show they understand what is required of them and that they agree with what they will have to do and will do it. A copy of employment of West Ham is on the Appendix. The West Ham contract must include the name of the employer and employee, the title of the job and what the job involves, the date of when employment began, the ...read more.


Ham will give the employee a weeks notice for how many years an employer has worked for them), if you have worked at West Ham for less than a month West Ham does not have to give you any notice. YOUR JOB The employer will have to work as what ever their job title maybe, for example if they was a manager that would be their job role and title of their job. West Ham may move to another place or may send the employer somewhere else to work if they need to. OVERSEAS WORK If you are to work outside the UK it will not be any longer than one month. If you do work in another country for longer than one month then the employer will be given details of the period time, the currency, what the employer will be paid in, any additional pay or benefits provided by reasons of working outside of the UK. ...read more.


If you start working for West Ham or finish working for them during the holiday period entitlement will be in proportion to the unexpired or elapsed part of the year, for instance if you start working for West Ham in March you can take a 3 week holiday period up to the 31st if December. If you decide to leave West Ham 6 months in to the holiday period your holiday pay for that year is 2 weeks wages, but if you have taken more holidays than you should have done then you wages will be deducted for the excess amount. Besides your holiday pay you will be paid for any public or bank holidays that may occur. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU ARE SICK If you are sick you cannot work but you must inform West Ham as soon as possible, you may be entitled to sick pay (SSP) for details regarding sick pay will be in the staff handbook. OTHER TIME OFF WORK Information regarding this is also in the staff handbook, but it is also the company's policy, permission will only be granted if it is an emergency. ...read more.

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