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Could an event like Bloody Sunday happen again?

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One of the reasons that Bloody Sunday happened in the 1st place was partition. Because the Unionists (Protestant) were against the home rule and wanted to be in part of Britain. But the Nationalists (Catholic) were in favour of home rule and wanted to be separate from Britain. This started to be the threat of civil war. Other reason was interment. Interment was where police force arrested nearly every local people because in this way they have a likely chance of capturing a Republican and there was no limit how long they were kept in prison. Another reason were the terrorist attacks from the IRA and the paramilitaries, both of these were very violent and extreme towards innocent people, which then Catholics and Protestants wanted revenge and increased the hatred with each other. Finally, segregation was also a reason that Bloody Sunday happened this is where, there was lack of trust, communication and friendship and therefore caused hard for them to compromise. In 1973-74 there was a new method called power-sharing created by the Northern Ireland secretary, William Whitelaw in consultation with the Northern Ireland political parties. Power sharing is a new Northern Ireland assembly that should elect a new government in Northern Ireland. ...read more.


For the Unionists the reaction was against this agreement as they did not want the Republic of Ireland having a say in the government of NI. This agreement therefore, failed because Paramilitary violence continued which undermined what the agreement was trying to achieve - peace. Even if this failed it brought a little trust and compromise between both the parties and shows that bloody Sunday might not happen in the future. In 1993 there was a Downing Street Declaration - the aim was of this is to set up a new form of government in Northern Ireland. This should be done by making Nationalists and Unionists working together, this would be good idea because in this way there trust would improve. However, only parties that rejected violence would be allowed to take part in the talks and this therefore, ruled out Sinn Fein and the Democratic Unionists Party (DUP).There was also another rule which was that it was agreed that that the Irish Nation would be united if the majority of people in Northern Ireland voted to be united with the Republic of Ireland. For that reason, the Irish government recognised this and agreed to accept Northern Ireland as part of Britain. ...read more.


In 2006/07 there was a new St Andrews Agreement, and the agreement was between the British and Irish Government and the political parties of Northern Ireland, which also includes the DUP and Sinn Fein. This agreement was an attempt to finally transfer power to Northern Ireland. The results of this were the restoration of the Northern Ireland Assembly and the Nationalists were happy. On 8 May 2007 there was a formation of a new Northern Ireland Executive-power sharing and a decision by Sinn Fein to support the Police Service of Northern Ireland, courts and rule of law. The commitment by the DUP to power-sharing with republicans and nationalists in the Northern Ireland Executive, this was agreed by the Unionists. The Unionists reaction to this was that they accepted that Ireland should be ruled by Northern Ireland. This was same to the Nationalists reaction because they agreed as well to this. The agreement therefore, succeeded. Overall I think that Bloody Sunday will not happen again in the future because as long Ian Paisley lives there won't be any more hassle about this, however Ian Paisley is very old and could soon be dead. Also, all this time the trust was starting to build within the Unionists and the Nationalists and therefore, they Bloody Sunday won't happen again. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jita Hira 10/3 ...read more.

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