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Cricket or Kirkit

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Cricket or Kirkit World Cup... Match fixing....Controversies ..... Rain.... Ad Campaigns..... Everything that is related to cricket is being talked about, discussed and ripped apart. But hey, has anyone really gone to the trouble of stretching their minds and thinking about how and more importantly why cricket came about. Well, if that question caught you out then maybe you should read on to find out how cricket was in fact a most ingenious business scheme conjured up by (of course) the INDIANS. It all started on one rainy day in the middle of summer. An Englishman, a German, an Australian and a Scot were fighting as if there life depended on it. As the entirely drenched warriors fought on, they were suddenly enveloped in a brilliant array of light. ...read more.


The objective of the game is to see how many windows of surrounding buildings can be broken before the bamboo sticks are knocked over by the bowler. This immediately caught the interest of the 4 men and they even made teams of 11. But there was a small problem; they had no bamboo sticks, rubber or even the glass that had to be broken. "Where will we get all that, mate?" squealed the Australian. " Not to worry my dear friend, you will get it from us of course", said the smiling Indian. That's the whole point of Kirkit, my dear Watson. Soon kirkit caught on like wildfire. As warriors of other countries soon got bored of mauling each other to death, they decided they too would play 'kirkit'. ...read more.


The English had surplus wood and leather, thus the bats and "wikuts" were to be changed into wood and the ball into leather. Also, the batsmen had to run between the wickets to score runs. This would make them thirsty and make them consume large amounts of Tea before, after and during the matches. Thus "kirkit" evolved into cricket. But before that, the glass smashed during the last match of Kirkit was re melted into the shape of a large cup which was then fought for every 4 years by every country in the world. That large sheet was suitably called the "WORLD CUP". And that is the end of my theory. HOWZAT! Disclaimer: This is a theory based on the vast amounts of empty space in Abhishek's head. It does not by any means compel you to believe and is purely made for the fun of it. (But if you do believe it then you have really lost it.) ...read more.

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