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Dear Elizabeth - creative writing.

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Dear Elizabeth, I am here to advise you, and to help you during your reign. I am writing to tell you of what to expect on becoming the Queen of England. On coming to the throne many will be worried, due to tha fact you are a woman- another female coming to the throne just as in the past, and these were not successful reigns. You can see their worries. However most of the people are ready for a fresh start with a young, single woman with the purest of English blood. You have the support of many of the country and have the ability of becoming a very successful Queen during your reign. However there are some problems facing you when you come to the throne, but you have personal qualities and aptitudes which will be useful to help solve these problems. Firstly, as you know there was a war with France, and this had been an expensive war, with debts of about �250,00 which you will have to pay out with your own money. ...read more.


There is now a mixture of Catholics and Protestants and they all have very dissimilar ideas about the sort of Church that our country should be. In the time of Mary's reign she made the country Roman Catholic and many Protestants fled, but more are returning. With the religious diversity through the country there is a risk that it could lead the country towards a civil war. There have been several bad harvests, and many people have been thrown out of work. The most important industry in this country was making woollen clothes and many merchants sold these abroad and became wealthy, but this employment became warped and many failed to keep their jobs. With the prices continually rising and poverty growing lower classes such as farmer's are faced with higher rent values, and wages losing their significance. On the subject of wealth, the most powerful subjects are the men, and they consider women to be too weak and feeble to rule a country. ...read more.


Many fear that you as a female queen will not suffice, but it is said that your mind is "free from female weakness and blessed with masculine power for hard work." With the power of masculinity in you, you can prove to be very successful and hard working, to help England to be free of the various problems both we and you are faced with. Your beauty is extraordinary, but your intellect and understanding is auxiliary. Many have put their trust in you; in hope you are the answer to their prayer, to help make their lives once again well and better than in the rule of your unpopular sister. The people of England are ready for new reign, and though female rulers have not in the past been the best of rulers, you have to prove that you are unlike them and can help to rid of the problems facing England. However you are full of intellect and understanding, and I sincerely hope you help us in the times of need. William Cecil ...read more.

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