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Decolonisation and Pan-Africanism

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History essay M.Lockyer Pan-Africanism and decolonisation 30th April 2008 No I do not agree with the soviet cartoonists impression of the decolonisation process of Africa after the Second World War. The image gives us the impression that Africans swept the Europeans out of Africa with ease and over a short period of time. The Europeans left Africa because the countries they controlled were of no use to them anymore as they had already exploited most of the resources in those countries. The Europeans pulled out of Africa on their own accord and granted most African countries their independence. The decolonisation of Africa followed world war two as colonised people agitated for their independence. The colonial powers eventually withdrew their administrators from Africa. ...read more.


It said that there is a right of all people to choose the government under which they live. This led to some africans wondering if this pertainted to Africa. The Manchester Conference in 1945 was another event which played a role in the process of decolonisation. Dubois, Padmore, Appiah, Nkrumah, Kenyatta were all delegates at the conference. The conference was organised because they wanted the independence of Africa and the union of the African states. They also encouraged strikes and boycotts. There were many strikes and boycotts organised by parties such as the CPP which had many supporters. These strikes and boycotts were not successful as the Europeasn would just arrest the parties leaders. The decolonisation of Africa was a process from the end of World War Two to the end of the 1960s. ...read more.


The Africans just managed to speed up this pace which is hardly forcing the europeans out the continent. If Africa still had plentifull resources like it used to when The Europeans first came to Africa, Africa would not be such a poor continent because they would be able to generate an income from those resources. Africa struggles economically today from colonisation and because of the Europeans exploiting the land. I feel this is proof that the Europeans pulled out of Africa and were not swept out as the cartoon suggests because after the Europeans left, suddenly Africa was very poor and had very little resources left.Africa had become no use to Europe anymore so they granted their colonies their independence. Of course Pan-Africanism, high literacy rates, urbanisation, the manchester conference etc did have a role in the decolonsation of Africa but it was mainly a voluntary decision by the europeans to leave Africa. ...read more.

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