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Depression and the New Deal: 1929-41 - source related study.

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Depression and the New Deal: 1929-41 Q3a) From source A, we learn that Roosevelt found work for four million people. This way through the vocation of the civil rights administration which was evidently succuessful. This would have also made him more popular as a president as he has really made sufficient effort to deliver work to the people of America from leave sweapers to pigeon scarers. b) Source C does not entirely support source A because source C mentions that the built hospitals, playgrounds and street signs whereas in source A, they mention building airports, roads, schools and public toilets. However, they are supporting eachother in a way as they are both constructive in the way that new things are being built and there are plenty more job opportunities. Source C supports Source B because source C quotes that there was a $78,000 job repairing a ditch which is illustrated in source B. ii) ...read more.


seeking for work which was what the new deal promised and it turned out he could not earn enough, so he had to move on and find somewhere better although when he did, he failed to do so. Consequently, he resorted back to the C.C.C. and then became a forest ranger in which he found 4 months of work. This simply shows that although the new deal is offering money, it simply just is not enough and yet it is still the best possible pay you can find in that period of time as it is a depression which is why people such as US citizens have to revolve around methods of the new deal and that is why they are against it because although they may be getting something out of it, it simply isnt enough and obviously more needs to be done. ...read more.


I think that it should be the time period itself to blame rather than the new deal. In source A, it states that four million people had found work through the new deal. This was four million out of the ten million. This means that the New Deal was already 40% sucessful in achieving its plans. It also achieved many more things such as recovering the farmland in Tennesee through the vocation of the dam which also opened up new job opportunities and generated electricity for the local area. Source F is a graph from a school history text book showing unemployment figures in the USA in the years 1929-41. If you study the graph, you will notice that there was a tremendous decrease in the unemployment rate within the years 1933-41. This was through the vocation of the New Deal which simply shows that the new Deal was proved to have been successful as it opened up jobs for millions of American citizens. ...read more.

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