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Describe how Jews were discriminated Against in Germany from 1933 - 1939?

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Describe how Jews were discriminated Against in Germany from 1933 - 1939? In 1933 Hitler became chancellor of Germany and the Nazis came into power. At this point Germany was in a bad condition from the Wall Street crash. Hitler hated the Jews and he blamed them for faults in recent German history. No body could deny that Hitler was a great public speaker after all he gave Germany hope and told them what they wanted to hear besides the public had been brainwashed with anti - Jewish propaganda since 1925 they were ready to listen to their leader. In 1933 for one day they had an April boycott which was social discrimination as all Germans all over the country were told not to buy from shops and business owned by Jews. The SA men stood by the doors of these shops to discourage anyone from going in side which made many shops loose out on business. The Jews were also forced out of jobs in the law the civil service, dentistry, journalism, teaching and farming. This was very unfair to the Jews as they were getting restricted to what they were allowed to do as a career. They were also barred from all sports and athletics clubs. Throughout 1933 there were random acts of violence against Jews by Nazi thugs. The police and the courts did not protect Jews from such attacks. As the Jews were deprived of opportunities in 1933 this carried on into 1934 as Jews were now no longer allowed to work in theatres or forced out if them. These measures were widely accepted by the majority of the German public. In 1935 again it was social discrimination as the Jews were no longer citizens of Germany and lost their right to vote. ...read more.


What followed could only be described as the brutal, in humane mass murder of the Jews. Originally the executions were carried out by mobile killing squads, called the SS, however it was not soon before they became emotionally distressed a traumatized by the pleading cries of Jewish children and women. Therefore, Himmmler came up with a plan that could systematically kill the Jews in minutes. He introduced the idea of extermination camps, which could kill Jews in minutes. The first death camp was set up in Chelmo in December 1941, a month before the wanasee conference. The death camp was responsible for the mass murder of Jews, anti -Nazis, gypsies and the mentally ill. Polish Jews were targeted first, where gas vans were used to kill them, the exhaust was turned back into the van so that they died of Carbon monoxide poisoning while being driven to mass graves. Other Jews met a similar fate however they were deceived into getting into trucks where they were told to have a shower. However when the taps were turned on gas was released instead of water. Carbon monoxide was also used in gas chambers constructed between autumn 1941 and spring 1942 at Belzec. At Auschwitz, and extermination camp, and insecticide called zyklon -b was used for killing. It is important to understand that the systematic killing of the Jews with gas had not yet been made official at the Wannsee Conference, in fact many of the acts stated above, were merely experiments. . At the Wannsee Conference, that took place on January 1942, was where the German civil servants and the SS functionaries met and together tried to derive a plan on what could be done to the 14 million Jews in Europe. ...read more.


Five to seven kilograms of pellets would kill about 1,500 people. The Jews going to one of these death camps would be sent there by train. As the Nazis wanted few people to know about these death camps, they told the Jews that they were going to be resettled in the East where they will be able to work. Once there they were separated into two groups (workers and non-workers) the group of non-workers would have been sent to showers to be deloused. These showers were disguised gas chambers where the Jews would have been killed. Before they would enter the showers, they would undress, and be given a number that they would have to remember. If they forgot their number, they would be able to retrieve their clothes. However, they weren't going to retrieve their clothes because they were going to die. They were then gassed in very convincing showers and then cremated by other Jews. When they were losing the war, the Nazis were still trying to eliminate the Jewish race from Europe. Once the news got to the death camps it was time to kill as many as they could in on final swoop. When Russian troops approached the Nazis they attempted to destroy the evidence. The surviving were ordered to make the Jews to march to Berlin. It didn't matter where you were, three steps away or even thousands of kilometers, they had to walk to Berlin. This was later to be known as the death march where the Jews trekked from one side of Germany to the other. Altogether, the Nazis tried to eliminate the Jews in Europe as quickly, and cheaply as they possibly could. They tried to keep it secret from the enemy and also from the German public. They didn't care about who they were, just as long as they were Jews they would die. ...read more.

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