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Describe how the Nazis used the Reichstag Fire to increase their power in Germany 1933-1934

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Nazi Germany Assignment Q. 2 describe how the Nazis used the Reichstag Fire to increase their power in Germany 1933-1934. On the 27th February 1933, the Reichstag building in Berlin was set on fire. The fire was blamed on communists and a communist, Van Der Lubbe, and he was executed. There was to be an election on the 5th of March, so Hitler used the Reichstag fire to increase his power and make the Nazis a single party dictatorship. This question will explain how. On the 30th of January 1933, Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany. Hitler felt that this was not enough, that his grip on Germany wasn't tight enough; the Nazis did not have a majority in the Reichstag. Hitler still did not have enough power, he was one of three Nazis, in a cabinet of twelve and Hitler did not feel safe as president Hindenburg could dismiss him at any time, so Hitler started to take control, first he called fresh elections. ...read more.


Hitler was right wing and they were left wing, so Hitler was more than likely to blame the communists and the communists were opponents in the election and any way he could, Hitler would eliminate his opponents. Hitler said that the communists were against Germany because the Reichstag stood for Germany and to burn it down would be destroying Germany and democracy. Hitler used the fire as an excuse to arrest 4000 communists on the night of the fire, which was eliminating opponents. Hitler made sure everyone knew about what the communists had done. He used radio and newspapers but the left wing papers were banned and the communists were blamed entirely, this way everyone knew that the communists had set fire to the Reichstag. On the 28th of February 1933, an emergency law was passed; Decree for the protection and the people of the state. ...read more.


The 2nd of May saw all independent trade unions close down. Nazi storm troopers occupied their offices and their leaders were arrested, many were sent to concentration camps. All the workers now became part of an official trade union called the German Labour front. On the 26th of May the communist party was banned and one month later the social democratic party was banned. On the 14th of July a law was passed against the formation of parties. This meant there were only legal political parties in Germany. The Reichstag fire in January was to blame for starting what occurred in the following 6 months, but even if the fire had not happened then Hitler would have found another excuse to eliminate his opponents. Hitler had always said that there would be no leader unless it was he and in august 1934 they became true. The Reichstag fire was a stepping stone to dictatorship of the Nazi party, it eventually gave them the power they wanted. ...read more.

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