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Describe law and order in the late ninteenth century

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Ali Ali 11w Describe law and order in London in the late nineteenth century? The police force was invented in the nineteenth century. In 1800 there were two police forces in Britain. The first one is the bow street runners, which had been invented in 1749; the other was the Thames River police, which was just two years old. Then the Metropolitan Police force was set up in 1829. This still exists today. This police force was created to carry out the functions of both the watchmen and the special constables. They were to patrol the streets in order to keep order and prevent crime from occurring. They were also used to tackle major disturbances such as riots. ...read more.


Also if we take a look back to when the peelers were first introduced we can see how fast people were to judge them before they had even started their work, The sources show us that people call the police a joke and a waste of money this was to be expected due to crime being high and nothing being done about it so people thought nothing could be done, So before they had even started they had opposition against them. But as the nineteenth progressed the police become more effective and due to this they gained more respect and authority this was shown in the source as people started saying they became more effective. ...read more.


They also introduced prisons after the bloody code was abolished this played a big role in decreasing crime due to criminals not wanting to stay in a cell. Poverty was a main factor in crime and punishment, due to more than 25% of the population living below subsistence level people were forced to commit crimes to survive This was taken from (localhistories.org), this was to be expected to due people not being helped and had to do it because they had family and friends to take care of. If they were helped by the government then they wouldn't need to be doing this by they have no choice but to do it. ...read more.

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