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Describe the disadvantages that Black Americans faced in the early 1950's

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Describe the disadvantages that Black Americans faced in the early 1950's There are a number of reasons why Black Americans in the early 1950's were so disadvantaged, one of them is due to the Southern segregation laws which every white person abided by and caused there to be separate schools, hospitals, restaurants and even water fountains. Black people were so despised that in the early 1950's that a group existed called the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) who would travel around the towns brutally murdering the innocent people. They were feared all over and what made them even more terrifying was their appearance. These men had no limits to the torture they provided. Another disadvantage was because of the inequality which Black Americans had to undergo, slavery had just been abolished but there were more vindictive ways of treating black people. And the last disadvantage was having to fight in World War One and Two for a country that they were suffering to stay alive in themselves. Black people just couldn't better themselves and even if they did, white people would do something about it. ...read more.


Segregation was legally enforced in 20 southern states, this meant that there were plenty of separate diners, laundrettes, areas on buses and even entertainment. Mixed marriages were forbidden so that is why when Black Americans were based in England for the war, white men hated them for socialising with their white women. The most offensive term that existed in the early 1950's was 'Jim Crow'. It came from the legally enforced segregation of 1896 where two men, Plessey and Ferguson argued over the imposed laws. The Supreme Court gave legal approval to local state laws for segregation over blacks and whites, this guaranteed that they would never obtain equal status, treatment or opportunity in their own country. From that day, the way that a black American would get the bus had changed immensely Many black Americans assumed that if they fought for their country in the wars then they would gain recognition and a new type of respect. Unfortunately this was not the case, they were given menial jobs like toilet cleaning, bomb defusing and were still pulverized. ...read more.


It wasn't only members of the KKK which did these acts of evil, members of the authorities teamed up with the Klan to kill and to also prevent Black Americans from gaining equal opportunities, they would march through the streets in support of white supremacy and to make the fear for black people rise. Once WWII was over, the black people of America had enough and wanted to put a stop to their suffering, they had succeeded in a victory aboard and wanted the same for their home country. The KKK continued to be the blacks most feared organization, every white person did what they could to make black people feel as destitute as possible. Racism was South America's biggest problem, and it wouldn't stop unless the Supreme Court put an end to it. Due to the Jim Crow laws, black people would never achieve any form of equality and self well being. America had made its black citizens the most disadvantaged and dejected people in the early 1950's. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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