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Describe the disadvantages that black Americans faced in the early 1950s?

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Describe the disadvantages that black Americans' faced in the early 1950s? Black Americans faced many disadvantages in the early 1950s. Discrimination was a major problem. The black Americans were discriminated Socially, Economically and Politically. The system of segregation also prevented them from getting equal rights and opportunities. They were treated like second class citizens as they were forbidden to mix with the whites. Black Americans were segregated from every aspect of society, this affected them socially as they were not allowed to mix with the whites. This caused many problems in the way in which the blacks lived. This idea of separating Blacks from Whites was all down to the Jim Crow Laws. ...read more.


She was sent to jail and fined $10. This was a lot at that time as they didn't earn a lot. 70% of black people used the buses so the national association for the advancement of coloured people (NAACP) took the situation to court and made it illegal to segregate on buses. As individuals the blacks were described as 'the lowest of the low' which made them feel less important and of lower quality compared to the whites as they had more priority over the blacks. As well as being discriminated Socially, they were also discriminated Economically. This was mainly the issue of money and unemployment. Also the blacks had to go to Seprate School to whites; this meant that they a lack of education. ...read more.


This stopped the majority of the black society in voting as they were not able to afford to pay the poll tax as some had no jobs and some blacks had jobs which were low-paid, and so therefore they were unable to vote. The early 1950's was a unpleasant time for thr Black American's as they were harshly discriminated. They were discriminated Socially, Economically and pollitically. Due to the system of segregation the blacks did'nt have the same chances as the whites did. The result of this was that the blacks had poor education and this lead to unskilled low-paid jobs. The faced many disadvantages, however as they were scared of the whites they did'nt argue. The Black Americans could have fought against the whites and protested for what they wanted, however they chose not to and decided to say nothing. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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