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Describe the efforts that have been made to reach a political solution to the problem of Northern Ireland since 1969.

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Describe the efforts that have been made to reach a political solution to the problem of Northern Ireland since 1969. For over 300 years the consequences of the argument considering Ireland's past and future has affected many. The people apart of this violent argument, have been not just those of the army and police, but innocent citizens, many of whom haven't had the opportunity to appreciate the concept of peace throughout their entire lifetime. The recent violence in Ireland is all about one simple question: "Should the North stay a part of the UK or should it join the south as part of a united and independent Ireland?" Due to disagreements between the people in the north in answering this question, private armies willing to use the bullet rather than the ballot and the governments of the UK and Irish Republic being unable to agree on an answer, this question has resulted in much conflict. There has been numerous attempts made to reach a political solution to the problem since 1969. These attempts have not only been made by the people on both sides of the boarder, but because the conflict has been so intense at times that governments outside of Ireland and Northern Ireland have felt the need to contribute towards a solution. ...read more.


The declaration shared similar points to those which made up the Anglo Irish agreement. These points being: The unity of Northern Ireland and Ireland could only happen with the consent of the majority in Northern Ireland, and the acceptance from the Irish government that they might have to drop the parts of their constitution stating that the North was part of its territory. It aimed to bring peace and reconciliation and the trust of the traditions were to be promoted through it. The declaration caused a roller coaster of violence and peace, for many years. Tit for tat killings were popular in the summer of 1994, however, politicians were working hard to find peace, and some paramilitaries were aiming towards an end of violence. This was clear in August 1994, when the IRA held a complete cease-fire. This followed the Republican agreement in June-July of '94, which was a result of talks between john Hume and Gerry Adams and Adam's talks with Irish Americans. On October 13th of that year, the loyalist paramilitaries also joined the cease-fire, and peace was held for a while. The British and Irish governments followed up these cease-fires with the Joint Framework Document, in 1995. They began to set out a plan for a peace process in Northern Ireland. ...read more.


The education in Northern Ireland developed in relation to teaching the students a mutual understanding of the Northern Irish history. This programme was called the Education for Mutual Understanding (EMU). Progress was slow but steady, and was helped by the majority of Northern Ireland's churches. Irish America played an important role in the peace process in the 1990's. By 1993, there was much interest in Northern Ireland, Bill Clinton was elected President this year and a year later gave the Sinn Fein Leader, Gerry Adams a Visa to visit the USA, even though Britain opposed. Clinton also communicated with the Unionists, and in April 1994 he welcomed DUP and UUP delegations to Washington. Clinton, along with the Irish-American business community made it clear that if peace could be achieved then the USA would make mass investments in Northern Ireland. This inspired them even further to reach a settlement. In conclusion, there have been four main attempts to reach a political solution to the problem of Northern Ireland since 1969, as described above. Along with these attempts, especially after several failures, there were fringe developments made, like the Peace Movement, where ordinary citizens felt the need to take matters into their own hands in bringing peace to the province. Jenny Nevin, 11BTR History Assignment 1 ...read more.

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