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Describe the organisation and work of the people at Bletchley Park

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Describe the organisation and work of the people at Bletchley Park Bletchley Park is a large manor house, about fifty miles north of London. It was chosen to be an evacuation base for MI6, and the GCCS (Government Code and Cipher School). It was chosen in the year 1938, as the government needed a hideout, for 'enigma' to be broken. As the war was looming in order so that all the recruits could work confidentially and low key. World War 1 had brought about the use of wireless messages and Morse code for the first time. As World War 2 was approaching, the British Government wanted to be able to decode all of the enemy's messages. Bletchley Park, was bought by the chief of M.I.6 Admiral Sinclair, he used his own funds as the government could not decide which department should pay for it. People started arriving in August 1939. The codename for the new centre was 'Station X'. In 1939, there were less than a hundred people working there, but by 1944, the number had gone up to over 7,000. A lot of thought went into the organisation of Bletchley Park, as they did not want the service to be too close to the ...read more.


The government then decided that it would be a good idea to hold a cryptic crossword for The Daily Telegraph. Those who solved it within twelve minutes would then have a good chance of being recruited for work at Bletchley Park. Another way to recruit workers for Bletchley Park was to employ mathematicians which were Oxford and Cambridge graduates. On the other hand some people wrote to Bletchley Park, yet not knowing what the job consisted of, just knowing it was a high class government job. Many graduates were recruited, some of these names being, Alan Turing and John Herivel, as the most important qualities needed where to work open minded and expect the unexpected, in being prepared for any backlash for instance if 'Station X' somehow failed and having back up plans to succeed. Y Stations were set up all over Britain and the people that worked there had an important task. The operators there had to pick up the signal of the German messages at the correct frequency. Y stations being able to pick up and record the radio transmissions sent in Morse code by German operators, which was then sent along to Bletchley Park. ...read more.


The Huts therefore had to be manned twenty-four hours a day. The staffs were divided into three watches, who worked eight hours each. The watches were supervised by the head of the watch, who distributed messages among the staff as they were received. It was organised in this way, as the chief members believed that everybody would work better this way and securely. Finally, the work of the members from Bletchley Park helped England to be successful in their quest to defeat the Germans. Individuals, such as Twinn and Welchmann had done a great deal in order of setting the organisation up. Another main factor, in the success was the secrecy kept by all the members. The Hut's were departmentalised, as they never discussed their work with anyone apart from their little group in the Hut. Some people did not talk about Bletchley Park for a mere 30 years, that's how secret it was. Therefore, the organisation was successful as all the workers contributed and worked individually well. Winston Churchill showed a lot of faith in Bletchley Park and in the end paid off, as in 1941 Churchill made it clear that they should have the resources by saying 'Make sure that they have all that they want extreme priority and report to me that this has been done. Action this day.' Hasan Khan 10M ...read more.

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