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Describe the ways in which the method used by the Suffragists and the Suffragettes were different?

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Matt Reed Describe the ways in which the method used by the Suffragists and the Suffragettes were different? Suffragists and Suffragettes were both women society groups in the 18th century who wanted to get votes for women, to try to get equal rights for women but there methods in doing this were very different. The members of the N.U.W.S.S believed in very lawful and constitutional methods, this meant nothing illegal. They were also into persuasion and sensible arguments. The reason why they did this was because they thought that behaving badly would convince men that women student get the vote, due to they thought that the men would consider them to not be responsible enough to get the vote. They also thought that they might be able to persuade men and members of parliament that it is right to give women the vote. The suffragists held meetings these were held in town halls, other halls and if the weather was good enough they would hold open air meetings for all to listen to. ...read more.


A break away group emerged in 1903; the founder of this new group was an ex-Suffragist her name was Emily Pankhurst. Her new group was called the Women's Social and Political Union (W.S.P.U). This group were very different in the ways of its methods about getting votes for women. They thought that getting votes for women was a stale issue and old news. Due to this Pankhurst wanted to make more of a front-page news rather than have petitions and nothing meetings. They wanted front-page newspaper headlines due to they would get major publicity around the whole country. The way Emily planned on getting these headlines was through breaking the law and rebelling. The reason why she wanted to do these things was because its leader Miss Pankhurst believed in Militant action, this meant being aggressive and taking a forward part in forceful action. As a result of her Militant action she sent some of her members to do some hecklings at political meetings. But people thought that these scenes were shocking and that women shouldn't act in this way. ...read more.


They also used propaganda though going on hunger strikes and then having to be force fed food. And as the group was started by women members it was odd to know that the groups propaganda posters were mostly made by men. As many of the suffragettes went on hunger strikes in prison a law passed, this was that if a person got to weak inside prison that they would be let out of prison. And then when they regained full health they would be put back inside prison again, but once inside again they would just go on another hunger strike and have to leave the prison again. This later then became known as 'the cat and mouse act of 1913'. Violence then later became very common to the group in 1910 - 1911. They did many of these violent stunts just some of these were burning buildings, bombings and high damage to many big name paintings and high profile sculptures. This reckless and extreme behaviour forced some people to break away from the group, due to they said 'It was just becoming to violent and putting their lives at risk'. ...read more.

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