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Describe the ways in which the methods of the suffragists and the suffragettes were different

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Describe the ways in which the methods of the suffragists and the suffragettes were different. There were two main groups in Britain during the early 20th century who were both fighting for the same cause, women's suffrage. Although in the end they both wanted the same outcome, they went about trying to win the vote in completely different ways. the first group to be established lead by Millicent Fawcett were the suffragists, they were made up of mainly middle class well educated women, and the suffragists believed the best way to get the vote was through peaceful tactics such as petitions and peaceful marches. Groups began to set up all over the country showing their support for this movement, and eventually the unified in 1890, to work together to fight for women's suffrage. Their plan was to operate within the law, not offend anyone and act as women were expected to in their day, which was for those who were in the higher classes shop, eat lunch and attend social events along with anything else their husband told them to. ...read more.


possible whether it was legal or illegal, as they felt any actions were justifiable in their fight for the suffrage they felt women deserved. A significant example of this is when Emmeline's daughter christabel spat in a policeman's face, she was subsequently arrested tried and sentenced to a custodial sentence which is what she wanted as it gained huge publicity for their cause but it was bad publicity society in general was outraged at what this woman had done. They saw any publicity as good publicity, as it put their issue in the public eye. The suffragists always used the same method, a peaceful protest. They would create petitions, hand out leaflets, they would politely ask MP's to attend their lobbies and meetings and listen to their thoughts. They believed their peaceful protest and strength of argument would win over the support of the men in high up places and therefore give them what they wanted. On the other hand the suffragettes had a much more intense way of campaigning. ...read more.


There were even plans to make and set off bombs in public places. The Suffragettes were getting out of hand had turned into a terrorist group, while the suffragists continued with their petitions and letter writing. The main differences in methods between the two groups are that the suffragists had a peaceful rigid plan which they stuck with throughout, whereas the suffragettes had a disruptive campaign that escalated into an out of hand violent campaign. They started off with the same aims but then they divided into two groups with opposite attitude. The suffragists felt that the suffragettes were jeopardising the years of work they had put towards the cause through their violent actions, and although they were gaining publicity it was bad publicity which was loosing them support, and they were even referred to as the cause's worst enemy. The suffragists saw the government as their key to gaining suffrage whereas the suffragettes saw men as their enemy and felt they had to pressure and intimidate them into giving women suffrage. ...read more.

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