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Describe the ways in which the methods of the Suffragists and the Suffragettes were different.

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Describe the ways in which the methods of the Suffragists and the Suffragettes were different When the campaign for women's suffrage started, there was several groups set up to help push the campaigning and keep the momentum going. However, main parties started to emerge; both campaigning for the same thing, but both had different tactics. These groups were the NUWSS and the WSPU. More commonly known as the Suffragists and Suffragettes. The NUWSS, however, had a head start on the Suffragettes by about six years. The NUWSS started in 1897 whilst the WSPU started in 1903. The Nation union of Women's Suffrage Societies (NUWSS) was started through the merge of several women's suffrage organizations around the country. This National Organization wanted to change the women's rights, but only in a peaceful, law abiding way. The suffragists felt that aggressive tactics would get them no where and they would lose the respect of many politicians. ...read more.


was launched, they were the Suffragettes. Set up by Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst they desperately wanted some form of women's suffrage. The WSPU was a far more aggressive group and were prepared to use that aggression and violence to get the vote. For three years, however, the WSPU got no where and they were on the verge of breaking apart. After several years of campaigning with no luck, they were prepared to step up their campaigning and begin using non law-abiding tactics. These tactics included: Disruption of political meetings. Disruption of parliamentary debates from the public viewing gallery's. Chaining themselves to railings such as Downing Street and Buckingham Palace. Setting fire to post boxes. Smashing shop windows in London's West End. Arson (they burnt down homes such as Lloyd George's country home). However, the WSPU would stop at certain points and they made the guidelines very clear. ...read more.


and imprison them once they were eating so that they did not die in jail (Temporary Discharge Act, otherwise known as the Cat and Mouse Act). Their tactics, however, were strongly disliked and outraged most people. Both these groups, however, did occasionally see the need to work. A good example was in Hyde Park on 21st June. Huge crowds of more than half a million showed at this huge demonstration for women's suffrage organized by the WSPU. These two groups both had their different tactics, however, they felt that going their separate ways was best. The Suffragettes did more harm than good to the cause and especially the Suffragists. Many politicians felt they were going for the people who sympathize with them such as Lloyd George whose house was burnt down, he felt they should have gone for their enemies instead. However, they did get the media's attention and the pressure on the government grew. Jonathan Middleton, 4B Page 1 5/2/2007 ...read more.

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