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Describe those terms of the Versailles treaty, which caused most bitterness in Germany. Explain why.

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Describe those terms of the Versailles treaty, which caused most bitterness in Germany. Explain why. The Treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919 and was extremely harsh on Germany. This therefore created an intense bitterness as the Germans rightly felt they were hard done by. This feeling of being "stabbed in the back" therefore created bitterness on a large scale. There were a few definite terms, which built this bitterness and crippled Germany as a nation. Possibly the crudest of the terms was the "War Guilt Clause", this term forced Germans to accept full responsibility for the war. Therefore not only embarrassing them but also disrespecting Germany as a nation. ...read more.


The bitterness therefore continued to rise, as Germany was unable to pay these ludicrous reparations, they were an ashamed nation whose economy and industry had been completely shattered by this reparations. Taxes spiralled and furthermore disgruntled the German people. The Reparations were made even harder to cope with as New Borders were created and the German overseas empire was taken away, therefore German lost land rich with coal and the heart of there industry. This created vast un-employment and even less opportunity to clear their debts, Germany was reduced terribly as a nation and lost many sources of income. Creating a further sense of anguish and dishonour and overall bitterness. ...read more.


An elite group, which did not include Germany. They were disregarded and almost "spat on " by other countries. Consequently there was a massive amount of humiliation for Germany as a country and a world power; Germans who had pride in their country were disheartened and angered. Germany was now a nation full to the brim with bitterness for the treaty and the victorious countries. Overall, these terms immensely enraged the Germans and created a huge sense of bitterness. They were a crippled nation being attacked by the treaty and its merciless terms, which just created woe after woe for the nation. In conclusion I believe the "War Guilt Clause " was the clause that really demoralized and hurt Germany, it linked to all the other clauses and was definitely the most important of the terms. Anthony Marcou Miss Scott Centre Number:16435 ...read more.

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