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Describe why superpower realtion changed between 1949-56

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Describe Why Superpower Relations Changed Between 1949 and 1956? During the time period of 1949 and 1956, the superpower relations between America and the USSR had gotten a lot worse. In my opinion, the main reason as to why the superpower relations had gotten so bad is due to the results of the Berlin Blockade and Airlift, which was the during the time period of 1948-9. In this essay, I am going to discuss as to why the superpower relations had gotten so bad, which has many element, all of which led to the aggravation of the relations. ...read more.


As a result of this blockade, Truman decided to fly in the vital supplies to Berlin, as had been very they had been cut off from all this. This angered Stalin and he could have shot down all the planes with the supplies very easily, but then that would have led to another war, but this time, with nuclear weapons that were well developed. All of this angered Stalin because he thought that the USA were thinking of themselves as the World's policemen, and that they were acting all good in front of everyone, and making out the USSR to be the villains. ...read more.


Furthermore, in 1951, Greece and Turkey joined NATO; this troubled Stalin as these two countries were very close to the USSR. Stalin then spoke out and said that NATO was not a defensive alliance, but an offensive alliance, and that America was trying to attack the USSR. In retaliation, the USSR set up The Warsaw Pact. Stalin had set this Pact up so that he could attack back in case NATO attacked the USSR. Stalin also set up troops in all of the Warsaw Pact Countries, so that they could remain there and they could attack quickly if NATO did. As a result, USSR and the USA are building up allies and have split up Europe into two militarised camps. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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