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did 'Bloody Mary' deserve her title?

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Does Queen Mary 1st deserve the title "Bloody Mary"? Henry the 8th had 6 wives. When his first wife, Catherine of Aragon was divorced, her daughter Mary was declared illegitimate and had her right to the throne removed. Then, when she refused to pay her respects to his second daughter, Elizabeth her father refused to see her. In 1536 she swore an oath declaring that her mother had been justly divorced (in contrast, she wrote to the Pope, informing him that she had been forced to take it). The third wife, Jane Seymour was the daughter of Sir John Seymour was first, in 1530 the lady in waiting for Catherine of Aragon and then for Anne Boleyn. When Henry's marriage with Anne Boleyn was falling apart, Jane Seymour caught the eye of Henry 8th. Eleven days after Anne Boleyn's execution, (due to Henry's accusations of witchcraft and adultery) Jane Seymour married Henry. On the 12th October 1537 she gave birth to a male heir, who would later become King Edward 6th of England. It is widely accepted that Henry was deeply in love with Jane when she died on the 24th October 1537 due to postnatal complications (she had contracted puerperal fever). When Henry died on the 28th January 1547 Jane Seymour's her son, Edward 6th became King. Henry had started the process for England becoming a protestant country and Edward continued it. ...read more.


a heavily pregnant woman that gave birth while burning, that had her baby thrown back into the flames by the soldiers. They were both engulfed in flames. Even according to the standards of this era, the brutality of this event is still greatly overwhelming. On the topic of the immense scale of burnings, Mary burnt 283 victims in her short reign of five years, which is more than three times the sum of all other Tudor monarchs with a combined reign of 113 years. Secondly, another reason she acquired the title was that the ordinary people viewed those dying as martyrs, dying for a cause that they believed in and they were admired for their bravery. This opinion was almost definitely influenced by the publishing of the book 'Foxes book of martyrs' which was very popular, second only to the Bible. The sources make the executions unpopular because they say things like "We shall this day light such a candle by God's grace in England, as I trust shall never be put out." By saying this it portrays the image that they are dying for their cause so that Protestantism could carry on after they were gone. This contrasts with Mary's proclamation of them as heretics and when they are talking about God it makes them seem holy in contrast with when Mary's saying that they are going to hell. ...read more.


She was very good at her studies of Latin and music in particular and loved a bit of a laugh. She was messed up in her childhood and wanted to make the world right and cleanse it due to her beliefs. Many had strong beliefs during this period of time and many forget of the innocence behind the strong minded forefront and why she carried out her actions in such a way. To conclude, my opinion is that Mary didn't deserve the title 'Bloody Mary' as although the scale over the burnings were much larger than by other monarchs, the burnings were to symbolise the 'heretics' burning in hell so other execution methods were more popular, like in Henry 8th reign he liked to behead people. The title was more due to her decreasing popularity because of other events such as the famine and wars with France. We need to understand that we need not to compare it with modern day context, but with the rest of the Tudor era. In addition to this, Mary was protecting her throne whereas Henry 8th just killed people needlessly. Another factor to remember is that if their was a catholic heir, then we would have never acquired this popular image of Mary as it was the Protestants on the throne after her that created it as people will always try and make what they believe seem better than other peoples opinions by the use of propaganda. ...read more.

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