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Did Franklin D Roosevelt Save America from Revolution?

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Did Franklin D Roosevelt Save America from Revolution? A revolution is described in the dictionary as a complete change; this can take any length of time but usually happens very quickly and can involve any number of people. The previous president to Roosevelt was president Herbert Hoover, he was disliked because he had let America slip into the depression, there are five main reasons for this, businesses had to much stock than they could sell and so were stuck with potential money, but no one wanted the stock. Everyone in America saw what industries were doing well and so did the same idea themselves, meaning that the money people spent on the product was shared between more companies meaning that the companies income fell. The choice of places to buy from was very small, this meant that farmers sometimes couldn't find a place to buy a house from, as there were farmers moving into the city the farm income fell 66% from 1920-1929 and by 1929 the top 10% of America's population had received 40% of the nations 'disposable income'. ...read more.


the poor and he also gradually used federal agencies to address issues, he met with business and labour leaders to reduce layoffs and strikes, financed federal work projects in the west such as dams, Set up RCF (Reconstruction Finance Corporation) in 1932 to make loans to simulate economy in a 'trickle-down' manner and raised tariffs 33% by signing the Hawley-Smooth tariff in attempt to keep foreign goods off the American market. In 1932 Franklin D Roosevelt won the elections with a popularity vote of 57%, when he came to power he was given complete control of the country for 100 days, in these 100 days he could do what he wanted and many people didn't like him for this. On his first 4 days he shut all the banks so that no more money would be lost while he tried to tackle the situation. Perhaps the most popular thing Roosevelt did was legalise beer, this took away the power the gangsters had when they were selling the beer illegally but this meant that the gangsters had to find something else to make money on. ...read more.


1933 (TVA) the TVA was a federal government built series of dams to prevent flooding and produce electricity, the Wagner Act est. 1935 (NLRB) this allowed workers to join unions and outlawed union-busting tactics by management, and the last one is the Works Progress Administration est. 1935 (WPA) This employed 8.5 million workers in construction and other jobs, but more importantly provided work in arts, theater and literary projects. While all these were in action there was also a very big problem, the farming exhausted the land and there was a dust storm creating a dust bowl, which put the farmers out of business, they all migrated to California, which was packed with people, making the people originally living in California angry with Roosevelt. The rich also disliked Roosevelt because they had to pay higher taxes so that the New Deal had its funds. I don't think that Roosevelt saved America from Revolution because there had already been a revolution when America went from being very wealthy to very poor, Roosevelt did add the New Deal though which generally helped but too many people opposed him for different reasons. By Josh Congdon ...read more.

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