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Did Hitler plan war?

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Did Hitler plan war? Before 1939, the year war broke out, there had been many events you could say where the build up to the second World War and that Hitler planned the whole thing years before. The other view is that Hitler was an opportunist and he planned round other peoples mistakes, like that of The Versailles Treaty and other European problems. Ian Kershaw takes this opinion and also does A. J. P. Taylor, " ...the outbreak may have owed so much to the faults and failures of European statesmen." Before Hitler knew that he was going to become Chancellor of Germany, and while he was still in prison, he wrote a book called Mien Kampf (1926). He wrote about his views, remedies and points on domestic and foreign dilemmas with advice on propaganda and political tactics. Though Taylor disagrees and believes these were just chimera, "...fantasies from behind bars". But when Hitler was asked about Mien Kampf in 1933 he replied, "...as to the substance there is nothing that I would want to change." Knowing the events that led to the second war Mien Kampf could possibly be seen as an outline to Hitler's plans and so he did plan war. ...read more.


This could show that Hitler was planning war and to get to friendly with the other countries would cause to many problems. The non- aggression pact with Poland could have been because at that time Germany was not ready to fight war however it was still in the plan as Germany nevertheless invaded in 1939. The pact also weakens France at that time. Poland was a strong ally to France and once this pact was made it made Poland neutral. With the invasion of Abyssinia in 1935, described by Hardie, "This was a major step to war". This act ended the Stresefront, and it also showed the bad relationship that Britain and France had as they both did nothing to stop the invasion. This give Hitler more confidence to go ahead in 1936 to remilitarize the Rhineland. Hitler probably planned this out, waited for the right time and then took a chance really to see what the other countries would do. Hitler also announces in 1935 that Germany had gained an airforce and that they had started conscription. Hitler's excuse for this was that he wanted Germany to keep up with the other countries in size of army so Germany could not be invaded and taken over. ...read more.


Also by the mistakes of others like that of Britain and France when Germany invaded Czech or the Rhineland they ignored Hitler and never took action against him which could have been vital to stop his plan. When Hitler told them of his plans for rearmament they never tried to stop him other than try and beat him in the arms race to see who could have the biggest Navy and army. However I also think that Hitler planned the war, he had already wrote an outline in his two books Mien Kampf and his secret Diary, and also he informed his Generals of his plans in the 'Hossbach meeting' which I believe is good evidence that Hitler was planning war, " presuerve the radical community and enlarge it". Also his withdrawal from the League and the disarmament conference shows he could be planning for war. Overall I think Hitler planned the war in advance, it might have only started out as a small war, but he planned for war and was prepared if it turned out to be something bigger, yet he did not know when the war was going to take place that is how he is also an opportunist, he planned round other countries weaknesses and mistakes. ?? ?? ?? ?? Vicky Chapman 14 EB ...read more.

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