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Did the PLO's Peaceful Methods Achieve More or Less Than Terrorism

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Q2-Did the PLO's Peaceful Methods Achieve More or Less Than Terrorism Since the 1960's the Arafat led PLO had gained worldwide publicity and acknowledgement for its cause of destruction against Israel. This was achieved through various peaceful methods but maybe more famous or infamous for its terrorist activities such as the Munich Olympics killings. Although the PLO was mostly remembered worldwide for its terrorist activity it was also involved in peace talks which some may view as more affective. The PLO started originally by mounting surprise, guerrilla attacks on Israeli military targets but was rapidly realized to be pointless as small, unequipped, Palestinian splinter cells were not going to unravel the might that was the Israeli army. The PLO soon resorted to terrorism which proved much more successful in attracting attention for their cause. They used several methods such as taking hostages at public events as seen at the Munich Olympics, which was especially beneficial as it was broadcast around the globe getting maximum coverage for the PLO. ...read more.


In return the PLO would be allowed to enter negotiations that might lead to the Palestinian controls of Gaza and the West Bank. In 1987 the people of the West Bank and Gaza started an uprising called Intifada. This convinced Arafat that the time was right and subsequently publicly agreed to the American demands in 1988. The uprising made it look like Arafat was accepting from a strong position. The American government welcomed them into the peace talks. This understandably angered a lot of Palestinians as accepting Israel went against everything the Palestinians have fought for. The angered Palestinians looked to another group called Hamas this group was not willing to comprimise at all with the Israeli government, Arafat saw that it was important that they found peace soon before they took over and there would be no chance of peace. This all put pressure on Arafat to strike up a peace deal with Israel. In 1990 Iraq, led by Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. ...read more.


the agreement; Israeli armed forces remained present in the Palestinian territories and it offered nothing to the Palestinians living in refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan and Syria. All this angered a minority of Palestinians including Hamas and some frections in the PLO. It is clear from this that the peaceful methods of the PLO brought about this peace agreement in Oslo. All they accomplished through the use of terrorism was aggravating the Israelis so much that they would invade countries just to try and destroy them, in the process the PLO getting kicked out of the country as seen in Jordan and Lebanon. They did manage to gain publicity but some may argue it was the wrong kind and they did manage to gain supporters but then again they lost some when they adopted terrorism as their main offensive. They achieved much more with the use of peace talks and accepting terms set out by the Americans yet they did have to accept Israel as a state an that was against everything they had believed in from the start. ...read more.

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