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discrimination of jews in germany

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How were jews discriminated against in Germany from 1933-1939? From 1933-1939 jews were discriminated against in many diffrent ways. It was in 1933 that Hitler became chanceller. Hitlers aim was to create a master race and he said that it was the jews that were stopping Germany from being great, he also blamed jews for Germany losing WW1. Nazis used the jews as scapegoats to all of the problems in Germany such as social and economical depression, the Nazis then used the media to spread there veiws across Germany in an attempt to convince people that jews were just burdens on the community. There were many horrible lies spread about jews, people started to believe that jews were against Germany and actualy wanted them to lose world war one. In april 1933 the SA were ordered to stand outside all jewish shops and discourage people from entering. During the same year many laws were passed discriminating against jews further. ...read more.


even started to make out that jews were evil, with storied of jews eating children everwhere people began to hate jews even more. In 1936 Germany hosted the olympic games and since Germany was not yet ready for war they were very careful about avoiding bad international publicity so Hitler had to reduce the law of anti-semitic activity so many jews took this opportunity to leave Germany and flee to places nearby such as poland. Soon after this in 1938 all jews had there passport stamped with a red J that prevented them from leaving Gourmany. Many of the jews who had left Germany jouring the olympics never realy excaped anyway because soon Germany would invade Poland, Holland and Austria and these were where most of the jews who left went to. Things got dramaticly worse for jews in 1938 following the shooting of an official working for the German embassy in paris, a polish jew shot and killed Ernst von rath in protest of how his parents had been treated in poland. ...read more.


There were areas in parks and other public places that jews werent allowed to go and eventualy jews were banned from attending German schools and would have to attend jewish schools instead, this was to make jews feel even more isolated and to make other Germany even more reluctant to mix with jews. Between 1933 and 1939 the Nazis had made it so bad for jews that they began to flee the country. What started as some minor discrimination such as discouraging people to go into jews shops soon turned into terrible acts of violence including murder and rape of jews. The discrimination against jews got rapidly worse and they were hoping to force all jews into fleeing the country. By 1939 the Nazis has begun to form the basis of a non-jewish society in which a master race could live. They discriminated against jews in many diffrent ways, but the aim of all the discrimination was the same,to make the jews feel isolated and to make others turn against the jews. ...read more.

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