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Discussing the Holocaust.

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Holocaust coursework From 1933 to 1939 Jews were discriminated against in Germany in many different ways which were: problem of education, employment, properties and citizenship. These are the basic things needed for a good life. One of the main problems that the Jew community had was having a proper education. There were thing like not allowed to go to some school and the school that allowed the in were racist against them. They had racist lesson where they got told that there are nothing and the Germany were the superior race and some in some lesson there were no allowed to talk part. ...read more.


Jews who owned there owned businesses were discriminated against by putting racist comment on the window of the shop and the Star of David. There was a night were 10,000 Jews shop windows were broken and almost 100 Jews laid dead in the street, it was called the night of broken glass but the Germany call it kristallnacht Properties were all taken from the Jewish and got given to Germany, they were all sent to live in a town full of only Jews call ghetto. Many things went on in the ghetto lots of people died and struggle. ...read more.


Jews were also part of Germany and most of them were citizen some of them left Germany for other country as refuge and the ones who stayed were treated like animal. Jews had to wear the yellow Star of David on their cloths, and on their password it had Sarah if they were female and Israel for male. Jews were not allowed to marry none Jews because German wants to keep their race pure not infected by Jews blood. All the Jews who applied to be a citizen of Germany got rejected and the Jews got blamed for the world war one for nothing. In court the judge will be biased. All this just shows that the Jews were a real target to the German and the Nazis Denis Sellu ...read more.

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