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Discussion of important reasons why Roosevelt won the Presidential election in 1932.

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'The following were all equally important reasons why Roosevelt won the Presidential election in 1932: I) the experiences of ordinary people 1929-1932 ii) the policies of the Republicans iii) Roosevelt's election campaign. Do you agree with this statement? I agree with this statement a lot, even though there might have been minor factors also contributing to Roosevelt's win, these three are the most important. The wall street crash had an impact on ordinary people. It made people wonder if they can go on living this deep in depression. Most were living in poverty and were struggling to feed their families because the husbands could not work, as there were so little jobs available at that time. Even if they had some money in the bank, as soon as the Wall Street Crash happened, the banks closed and they lost their savings. The suicide rate increased because of this and confidence dropped rapidly causing a sweep of Depression through America. The people of the USA needed somebody to help them, who could restore confidence and give people hope. ...read more.


Hoover said that he didn't think that the Government should interfere or help the poverty of America that the poor people should go to charities, this was often called 'rugged individualism'. Roosevelt, on the other hand thought that the Government should help. This made people feel as if Roosevelt cared more about the people of America than Hoover. Roosevelt battled with polio and lots of people saw him as a fighter and were in great sympathy with him, some people say that he had sympathy votes. As Governor of New York Roosevelt tried to help ordinary people with unemployment or pensions. He also believed that the government should not have any violence but should be used to make a fairer society. Promises of 'a new deal' excited the people and the prospects of hope. The aims of this deal were Relief, Recovery and Reform. While Roosevelt was making promises of greatness and hope, Hoover was keeping to the thoughts and promises he had when he won the election in November 1928 but these were all wrong. ...read more.


The experiences of ordinary people were a huge issue, as they needed somebody to help as Hoover couldn't and Roosevelt came along. People were hungry and needed jobs and Roosevelt was the one who offered them Relief and Government schemes, not Hoover. To the people, Hoover offered violence and Roosevelt offered hope. Even if that may not have been entirely true, the people believed it and they were the one's who were going to vote. If the Depression hadn't happen then maybe the policies of the Republicans would have been excepted but a lot more people were in poverty and they needed help from the Government and they didn't offer that. Roosevelt had style, determination and promises and he was fighting disease, and he showed it during his campaign. All the three things joined together made a powerful lead in votes and Roosevelt's win and I think that on there own they could have influenced a few votes but together they persuaded a large amount of the country. Overall I think that they were very important to the win of the election and I also think there could be a few other factors but they are the main one's and without them Hoover probably would have won. By Katie Webb 10TG ...read more.

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